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Networking lessons from Geese

Networking Lessons from Geese

Possibly because my father is an ardent twitcher and probably because of seeing geese so regularly whilst out and about I have always been fascinated by why so many birds fly in a V formation.flock of migrating canada geese birds flying at sunset courtesy of Andrea Mathieson

V formation (sometimes called a skein) is the symmetric V-shaped flight formation of flights of geese and from the research that has been carried out and published in journals such as Nature we can learn a lot that can be transferred into business and life!  What follows are my interpretations for business and for networking!

Goose fact 1.  As each goose flaps it’s wings it creates 71% more uplift for birds that are following, so by flying in formation the whole flock adds 71% greater flying range than by flying alone.

Lesson for business

By getting people to share a common direction and sense of community then you can get to a destination quicker and easier because all are travelling on the thrust of one another

Networking perspective

A networking group or event has a common purpose – to benefit all those there in a win-win way.  Whether this is through  becoming better informed, gaining more knowledge, building relationships with suppliers, raising your profile with potential customers, sharing expertise, generating business opportunities with those that you meet (and perhaps even the people they know!)

Goose fact 2. When a goose falls out of formation, it suddenly feels the drag and resistance of flying and quickly moves back into formation to take advantage of the lifting power of the bird in front.

Lesson for business

By adopting the awareness of geese we will stay in formation with those headed in the direction we want to go.  We are willing to accept their help and to help others.

Networking perspective

By growing and building your network both face to face and online (business contacts, customers, suppliers, friends, family, social groups, alumni, trade, online groups) and staying in contact with them you will generate opportunities – sharing a link, making that call, thinking of how you could help others and how others can help you are all part of a successful business strategy.  A simple message is found in team; Together Each Achieves More.

Goose fact 3.  When the lead goose tires, it rotates back into the formation and another goose flies to the point position.

Lesson for business

It pays to take turns to do the hard tasks and share the leadership.  As with geese we are all interdependent upon each other skills, capabilities and the unique arrangement we have of gifts, talents and resources.

Networking perspective

As the leader of the business, by definition, you are the vanguard, the main man/woman, CEO, MD and possibly everything else! And also by definition the person who needs to know everything, be an expert in everything from HR, health and safety, accounts, sales, marketing, customer service, commerce, IT, websites, social media, transport/logistics, fulfilment and then having to fit in your own life – family, children, holidays, the school run, leisure, sport, hobbies, food and drink, shopping, DIY and sleep.  How can this be done in 24 hours?  When do you get the time to do what you are best at – the service you provide, the product you designed, the expertise that people want?  With  your network you have unlimited expertise and people who can help you get what you want from life and business.  And the best thing is that you will know these people, probably like them and that’s where the trust that is so important can begin!

Goose fact 4. The geese flying in a formation will honk to encourage those up front to keep up their speed.

Lesson for business

We need to ensure that when we honk we honk encouragingly.  In groups/businesses/organisations  where there is encouragement, the production is much greater.  Communication is key – the right message, delivered in a way that people can understand and see how they can make a difference is key.

Networking perspective

At a networking event perhaps not so much honking as conversation.  The conversations that you have should be about those that you meet and not a sales pitch from you.  By asking questions you can find out so much about why a person you meet does what they do, what challenges they may have, what they are looking to achieve short term (long term), the successes they have had, what they are working on currently and when you do find this out then opportunities will start to become apparent for you and even better for those that you know.   Try asking the unexpected question, the one that causes someone to stop and think – the answer will always be more memorable for all and give far more insight than “what do you do?”  Although you have the opportunity to be memorable here – when asked what you do – stay away from the stock, standard response “I am an …..and I do ……”.  A well known example is from Harley Davidson  – do they build/sell motorcycles – no they provide experiences!  Do I arrange a monthly networking lunch in Exeter – no – you have the best environment for a conversation that can lead to connections and collaborationsOnce the people in your network are all “honking” then there will be unlimited possibilities.

Goose fact 5.  If a goose gets sick, wounded or shot down, two geese drop out of formation and follow it down to help protect it.  They stay with it until it dies or is able to fly again.  They then launch out in their own formation to catch up or join another flock

Lesson for business

If we have as much sense as geese then we will stick together in difficult times as well as when we are strong – collaboration can help for any business  – as has been mentioned no one knows everything even if you are in the same business sector the expertise can be different even niche.

Networking perspective

A business going through difficult times can get through these with the support of the network.  .  Knowing where to turn for help is something that a network can provide – businesses that are sick can be saved if you know where to find the best expertise.  With the people in your network you will be able to ask for the help that you need – if someone cannot help directly they will certainly know someone who can and the connection can be made.

In conclusion any networking that you do (or are looking to do) can be very much like the geese in their formation – something that is second nature, common practise and that is mutually beneficial.  If you can apply this to your networking then you will undoubtedly become more successful!

Sean Humby is Director of Business Network SW and host of the events in the South West – bringing decision makers together monthly at lunchtimes to build long term business relationships.  The events in the South West are held in Bristol and Exeter and have been since 1993

Event host - Sean Humby

Article writer and Event host – Sean Humby

The environment Business Network SW provides is relaxed and business focused to ensure that you and your business get the most benefit.  Guaranteed conversations leading to connections and collaborations.  Guaranteed you’ll leave be better informed and connected than when you arrived!

For more details and your invitation email Call 01981 540708

Visit Blog Twitter @seanhumby #BNSW

Bristol Business Network April event “Success come in can’s” albeit there’s a Kant here!

Success does indeed come in can’s and forgive the tenuous link to Kant’s!

April 22nd is the date of the next Bristol Business Network event at The Bristol Hotel.

It is also the birthday of Immanuel Kant – philosopher extraordinaire – who said  “It is beyond a doubt that all our knowledge begins with experience

And that in it’s own way sums up what the event is all about.

Beginning with a business seminar hosted by Ken Abbott of Redwing Excel.  Titled “12 from 12” – 12 lessons from 12 years in business; Ken will be sharing some great business lessons that he has learnt over the last 12 years! It really does what it says on the tin!

From running a successful business, starting a new one and having experienced some of the challenges in setting other up Ken will deliver some great advice, an array of top tips that will be invaluable to those in business, those looking to diversify, those looking to start out.  Having had a taster of the “3 of the 12” at a recent Bristol Business Network event I can only say that this seminar will be worth the event cost alone!

Coffee and networking from 10am and seminar starts at 10.30am (optional,always rewarding, included in the price and a great networking opportunity!)


because Business Network SW has a pedigree and reputation for great monthly, lunch time networking events stretching back 21 years there is more….

THE Networking Lunch….

11.45am. Arrival for drinks before lunch and Informal networking
12.30pm. Sit down for 2 course served lunch and formal networking at your table – you will sit on a table with 7 or 8 other decision makers – none of whom do what you do – a table host will ensure that each person get at least 3 minutes to introduce themselves and their business and the benefits that it brings to others.  Great conversation and connections in a relaxed and structured environment.

1.30pm – table to table networking – with your event programme containing the delegate list you will be able to locate and introduce yourself to others.  As a member at subsequent events you will be sat with different people

1.40pm – 10 minute Speaker – the fabulous Matt Richardson – Recognition Express – a master at delivering entertaining and informative insight!

2pm The event finishes – you can continue to use the venue’s facilities for your one to one’s and continuing conversations.

FAQ’s and useful links

Getting the most from the events

What is business networking and is it important?

What others are saying or look on Twitter, look up @seanhumby or search #BNSW

Will I get a return?

Networking in a nutshell

Membership of Business Network SW

Cost of event is £36.00 (Inc VAT) covering seminar, coffee, 2 course served lunch with drinks, event programme with delegate list, networking tips, event correspondence.   Parking available in adjacent NCP where rates are reduced by 50% for attendees of this event.

Want to book?

Call 01981 540708



with “book my place” and I will arrange everything – how to prepare, confirmation, any dietary requirements and your invoice


Prefer an invitation then complete your details here

Gallery for the event

Event host - Sean Humby

Event host – Sean Humby


Ken Abbott Redwing Excel and seminar host on 22/4/15 delivering his fabulous “3 from 12″ at the Brsitol Business Network event at Old Down Manor on 11/3/15

More on your seminar host

Ken is the founder and “Access database genius” at Redwing Excel.  Based in Portishead near Bristol in the vibrant South West region of the UK and have been established for more than a decade.  In that time Ken has become known as the go-to provider for custom Excel and Access software projects. Having worked with hundreds of clients on very diverse ranges of software projects.  In recent years Ken has continued to develop the offering to clients and broaden the range of sectors that we specialise in. Our reputation in spreadsheets, Microsoft Excel and associated technologies such as VBA and Access rests on the high levels of client satisfaction and the attention to detail we provide.

It is from the vast experience that Ken will deliver a 12 from 12 – sure to enlighten, educate and entertain and help you in your business journey.

Our Speaker – Matt Richardson – Recognition Express


Matt delivering one of his famous “10 minutes” – and the 22nd April is sure to be as memorable!

The Bristol Hotel Hotel Image Photo

The Bristol Hotel, Bristol, BS1 4QF

Bristol Business Network – report from March’s event

Hello and welcome to the report from the event – written by event host Sean Humby

The event was set up beautifully (if I don’t say so myself!) with the following quote “To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity” – Douglas Adams b/11/3/1952

I did allude to a couple of people – Johnny Appleseed and the similarities between what he did and networking – read more here and the quote that I misquoted – so apt for networking…

“Anyone can count the seeds in an apple, but only God can count the number of apples in a seed.” - Robert H. Schuller

And the fabulous article by Chris Garrett on your ROI from networking – you can read it here – consider these part of your “networking CPD!

“Thank you” to Mark Leveridge for the wonderful seminar in the morning.  Mark covered the why, the where, the who, the what, the when and the how on how we can get more from the exhibitions and trade shows that we exhibit at.

Mark in action!

Full of top advice and techniques – if you missed it do not worry as Mark has written a series of articles complete with video – a fantastic resource.  Available here……

Thank you to Ken Abbott for an entertaining, enlightening and informative 10 minutes – some sound advice and that’s only 3 from the 12 and they covered elephant dust, cows (or was it horses in the playground!) and some key lessons – find out more on 22nd April!


Roy Adair – a 2 hour round trip with Roy on his motorbike – minimum £20 – that will donated to The Jessie May Trust.  Contact Roy on 0117 2301144 or or via LinkedIn

GWS Media – free analytic tool

See if your website is mobile friendly – click here and enter your website address - takes less than 60 seconds!  Complete with picture!  The key date is 21st April 2015 as that’s when Google will begin using “mobile friendliness” as part of their ranking

Offers and Opportunities that Bristol Business Network Members have contributed to help you get more from your business – available only at the events!

All 2015 Dates here

The search for Joe Bloggs – If you introduce someone called Joe Bloggs who is a decision maker in a business, they could even have a business called Joe Bloggs – they come to an event and join then I will give you 12 months membership free!

Businesses that could and would benefit from networking - to name a few!

Business Network SW is on LinkedIn – could you follow?

Even try BNSW Face Book page and post a “like”!

Business Network SW – discussion group on LinkedIn – 1325 members!  Feel free to get involved and participate in discussions, comment and post!

“The Guide says there is an art to flying, said Ford, or rather a knack. The knack lies in learning how to throw yourself at the ground and missing” – the complete Douglas Adams quote!

“I’m an optimist, but I’m an optimist who takes his raincoat” - Harold Wilson b 11/3/1916

Have a fantastic day and I look forward to seeing you and your guests on April 22nd at The Bristol Hotel.

Best regards

Gallery from Event

From Twitter

louiseextrahelpMar 11, 4:48pm via Twitter for iPhone

Brilliant lunch at @OldDownManor – great to #network in#Bristol again! @seanhumby @claireextrahelp #BNSW

The wrap up from Bridwell Park – venue for March’s Exeter Business Network event

“Every speaker has a mouth

An arrangement rather neat

Sometimes filled with wisdom

Sometimes filled with feet”

Robert Orben b 4/3/1927

Definitely an event filled with wisdom!

And conversation and connections being made!

All this at Bridwell Park – a superb setting that was enjoyed by all at this Exeter Business Network event.  An event which was brought together through a network – I met Vicky – Events Director at Bridwell at a networking event; and then Vicky’s own network came into it’s own – the lunch was provided by Posh Nosh, the equipment used at the event was from Stage Engage, the wonderful venison charcuterie tasters were from Touch of Hart……..

With networking over coffee in the splendid surrounding of the entrance hall and dining room to start the day; leading into the business seminar

Hosted by Chris Catt – The Life Coach Station and Belinda Newton – The HR Dept – an informative seminar on the importance and benefits of being Disability Confident. Full of top advice and information to enable you not to make any costly mistakes and more importantly how to take advantage of the support and advice that is available – all brilliantly demonstrated with a variety of case studies where Chris and Belinda have helped numerous businesses demonstrating their innovative solutions with disability for business.

Did you know that the disabled contribute over £20bn to the economy? Did you know that the largest payout to someone disabled who had been discriminated against was over £235K? Do you know the definition of disabled? If you know all the answers great – you are on the way to being Disability Confident – and are benefiting from a fantastic resource and generating loads of opportunities. If you haven’t then take a look at this presentation.  If you missed this then have no fear

 To contact Chris Catt  to contact me, view the specialist LinkedIn group or to book a free, no-obligation 15-minute chat with me.”

Chris was supported by Belinda who can offer the complete A-Z so whatever your issue…..

Absence Management, Bullying and Harassment, Contracts of Employment, Disciplinary Matters, Employment Law, Flexible Working, Grievances, Health and Safety, Industrial Relations, Job Descriptions, Key Performance Indicators, Learning and Development, Maternity, Paternity, Parental Leave, National Minimum Wage, Occupational Health, Part-time Workers, Questions for Interviews, Redundancy, Staff Surveys, TUPE, Unfair Dismissals, Volunteers, Working Time Regulations ,Xmas Bonus and Other Perks, Young Workers, Zero Hours Contracts and anything else HR related!  Read more on Belinda’s Blog – Preventing People Problems

Contact Belinda –  0845 8630653   @BelindaNewtonHR  HR Dept Website

Secondly “Thank you” to Alex Wren of Bitpod for the speaker slot  – an interactive and I trust thought provoking 10 minutes – a preview of his reverse marketing masterclass taking place on April 15th.

Alex will share his ideas and experiences with Reverse Marketing. If you don’t like cold calling, sending promotional mailers or spending money on advertising, then this could be just what you need to market your business in 2015!

Reverse Marketing focusses on the customer journey, Bitpod are big fans of this technique and can claim numerous successes, some with brands that you might of heard of (such as Baxters, NHS, Pasta King & Calendar Club) and some other equally excellent local businesses. In this seminar, Alex will share his toolbox of techniques to help your potential customers discover the benefits of your product or service. Naturally video marketing methods will be covered, however this seminar is about the overall strategy and how to make everything work together from social media to your CRM to your website and more. Bitpod promise you will walk away with some great new ideas and your very own Reverse Marketing action plan.


Next event 15/4/15 at Sandy Park.  As it is World Art Day (celebrating creativity!) there is something very creative and special that will be taking place…..the Super seminar hosted by Alex Wren  – Reverse Marketing – before THE networking lunch! Preview here! 


Devon Business Expo – Thursday 30th April 2015

I’ll be there as well as 100’s and 100’s and 100’s of others!

To exhibit

Contact Dave Barr or Colin Slade – Tel: 01392 349 135



All 2015 Dates here


Devon Life Business and Professional

Devon Life Business and Professional is a brand new magazine, launching on 12th March, and will be packed with tantalising copy, matching the top-notch content readers are already treated to in our county magazine.   The new, quarterly publication will be bursting with insightful news, inspiring features and important advice all linked across the Devon business community.  Being polybagged with the April edition of Devon Life means every reader who currently reads our main magazine, will also get a copy of Business and Professional.

We will be hosting 200 top business decision makers at our launch event on the 26th March at Sandy Park.

The concept is to create a networking umbrella where business owners and decision makers can share business intelligence and work with each other. The publication, website, email newsletters, social media and events are all results of that networking umbrella, bringing the county’s business community to work together.  Please get in contact with Llewellyn for the chance to get involved with this exciting project.  07740 030 531 – 01392 888415


Look for Joe Bloggs***

Any guest* that you invite who joins earns you a bottle of bubbly/fine port – unlimited.

Businesses that could and would benefit from networking - to name a few!

Business Network SW is on LinkedIn – could you follow?

Even try BNSW Face Book page and post a “like”!

Business Network SW – discussion group on LinkedIn – 1322 members!  Feel free to get involved and participate in discussions, comment and post!

Tim Vine b 4/3/1967

“So I said to the gym instructor: ‘Can you teach me to do the splits?’ He said: ‘How flexible are you?’ I said: I can’t make Tuesdays”

“I rang my local swimming pool, I said “Is that the local swimming pool?” He said “it depends on where you are calling from””

Robert Orben “Happiness is a very small desk and a very large waste paper bin”

Have a fantastic day and I look forward to seeing you and your guests on April 15th 2015!

Gallery from event

From Twitter!

Posh_Nosh5:10pm via TweetDeck

@claireextrahelp @BridwellDevon @louiseextrahelp@seanhumby Glad you enjoyed them!!! :-) #Exeter

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claireextrahelp  Lovely food and gorgeous macaroons today from@Posh_Nosh @BridwellDevon #BNSW @louiseextrahelp @seanhumby, Mar 04 from Twitter for iPhone


Posh_Nosh  @claireextrahelp @BridwellDevon @louiseextrahelp@seanhumby Glad you enjoyed them!!! :-) #Exeter5:10pm, Mar 04 from TweetDeck

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Lovely food and gorgeous macaroons today from @Posh_Nosh @BridwellDevon #BNSW @louiseextrahelp@seanhumby


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Amazing lunch & stunning venue! Thank you @BridwellDevon for being great hosts! @claireextrahelp@seanhumby #BNSW #networking


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Fantastic lunch @BridwellDevon today, gorgeous new venue for Devon with @louiseextrahelp @seanhumby #BNSW


RichardHussey14:12pm via Twitter Web Client

Very enjoyable #BNSW network today at the magnificent Bridwell Park, Uffculme. Thanks for arranging @seanhumby


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Thanks for joining us today, it was great to host #BNSW – @seanhumby, @HRDeptExeter, @catt_chris, @nigelwnw, @RachelmBuckley …


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@seanhumby @BridwellDevon Thanks for a fantastic#BNSW lunch, amazing venue


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Great event today @BridwellDevon @seanhumby stunning venue ! #networking #BNSW @TheFamilyLawCo


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#BNSW Disability Confident seminar today with @catt_chrisat @BridwellDevon Looking forward to seeing everyone @seanhumby


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RT @seanhumby #BNSW event @BridwellDevon looking forward to welcoming members & guests for Networking Lunch
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RT @seanhumby: Just had a cancellation for #BNSW event tomorrow @BridwellDevon DM me if you want a place booked!

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Networking in Exeter today with @claireextrahelp@seanhumby #BNSW


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#venison #Charcuterie samples going out to @BridwellDevon #business networking #lunch guests with @seanhumby today. #gametoeat


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Our trusted quality #event partners tomorrow are @Posh_Nosh @stageengage @devonwedding@TouchofHart1 @seanhumby & Bray Valley Wines #bnsw


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BridwellDevonMar 03, 6:03pm via Twitter for iPhone

Tomorrow we’ll be #networking in style as we are host#venue for @seanhumby #bnsw #event! Lunch in our orangery will be scrummy @Posh_Nosh


April’s Exeter Business Network event – sure to be a masterpiece!

A masterpiece in terms of conversations and connections!

It is World Art Day – is an international celebration of the fine arts which was declared by the International Association of Art (IAA) in order to promote awareness of creative activity worldwide – decided in honor of the birthday of Leonardo da Vinci

And creativity is what happens in terms of those conversations that people have - creating new connections, creating new ideas, creating solutions to problems, creating business opportunities to name a few “creative activities”

Business Network SW has been creating the ideal environment for this creativity since 1993 and the event on April 15th promises to be no exception!

In brief – the event where you can be creative and generate opportunities….

  • Wednesday 15th April at Sandy Park - Home of the Exeter Chiefs and Rugby World Cup Venue
  • Super seminar before lunch – How Reverse Marketing will work for you (and why it works for us) – Alex Wren – Bitpod
  • Networking over drinks 11.45am – 12.30pm
  • Structured 2 course, served, networking lunch 12.30pm – 2pm
  • Lunch speaker – tbc
  • Guaranteed conversations leading to connections and collaborations
  • Guaranteed you’ll leave be better informed and connected than when you arrived!
  • Cost of event for you as a visitor is £36.00 (Inc. VAT) covering seminar, coffee, 2 course served lunch with drinks – wine available, event programme, delegate list, dietary requirements are catered for.
  • Opportunity cost of not attending?*

Business Network SW has been hosting monthly lunch time networking events in Exeter since 1993. Developing a reputation and pedigree for benefiting businesses in growing their network and building their business through great conversations in a structured and relaxed format…….

The seminar before THE networking lunch – sure to spark your creative side!

Hosted by Alex Wren – Bitpod

How Reverse Marketing will work for you (and why it works for us)

Alex Wren from Bitpod will share his ideas and experiences with Reverse Marketing. If you don’t like cold calling, sending promotional mailers or spending money on advertising, then this could be just what you need to market your business in 2015!
Reverse Marketing focuses on the customer journey, Bitpod are big fans of this technique and can claim numerous successes, some with brands that you might of heard of (such as Baxters, NHS, Pasta King & Calendar Club) and some other equally excellent local businesses.
In this seminar, Alex will share his toolbox of techniques to help your potential customers discover the benefits of your product or service. Naturally video marketing methods will be covered, however this seminar is about the overall strategy and how to make everything work together from social media to your CRM to your website and more. Bitpod promise you will walk away with some great new ideas to try and your very own Reverse Marketing action plan.

Alex heads the Bitpod team and coordinates all projects. He is highly experienced in digital marketing and advises clients on marketing strategy.  Bitpod’s customer portfolio is here

That’s just the seminar!  Coffee and networking from 10am and seminar starts at 10.30am(optional,always rewarding, included in the price and a great networking opportunity!)

What follows will only offer more creative opportunities for you and your business….


THE networking lunch – a proven way of growing and building your network

Pre lunch drinks and informal networking from 11.45am. Sit down for 2 course lunch with coffee at 12.30pm.

You sit down for 2 course served lunch (bread rolls, main course and dessert with coffee), no buffet here – conversation – not queuing is key!  

You will sit on a table with 7 or 8 other decision makers – none of whom do what you do – a table host will ensure that each person gets 3 minutes to introduce themselves and their business and the benefits that it brings to others.   A great catalyst for questions that lead to the all important conversations that generate the connections and collaborations – sharing knowledge, advice, tips, expertise in a relaxed and comfortable environment.  No sin bin in operation – just a donation to the Exeter Business Network charities if your mobile device is heard!

From 1.30pm – table to table networking. Your opportunity to go and talk to someone else in the room (the seating plan in your event programme will help you locate them), continue your conversation or start a new one with someone else on your table. As a member at subsequent events you will be sat with different people – unique to Business Network events!

The guest speaker Rob Wingrove – Rugby Travel and Hospitality Ltd will enlighten, inform, entertain and educate for 10 minutes

The event finishes at 2pm – all you need to do is follow up! 

Downloadable details and invitation here Exeter Business Network Apr event visitors

To book

Call 01981 540708



with “book my place” and I will arrange everything – how to prepare, confirmation, any dietary requirements and your invoice


Prefer an invitation then complete your details here

Gallery for the event

Networking events Exeter and Bristol from Business Network SW

“The richest people in the world look for and build networks, everyone else looks for work.” – Robert Kiyosaki

Feel free to add these dates to your calendars, devices, software, hardware.  That way when the invites are emailed/or tweeted/shared on LinkedIn/posted on Face Book/Blogged they will not be a surprise!

With the date in your schedule you know that you can book your place for

  • Guaranteed conversations and connections
  • Guaranteed that you will leave better informed an connected than when you arrive
  • Guaranteed informative seminars and speakers at each event
  • Guaranteed crumb free keyboard/smear free tablet working lunch
“A diary means yes indeed” – Gertrude Stein
“Keep a diary, and someday it’ll keep you” Mae West



  • March   Wednesday 11th – Old Down Manor
  • April   Wednesday 22th – The Bristol Hotel
  • May   Wednesday 20th – Old Down Manor
  • June   Wednesday 17th – Mercure Holland House Hotel & Spa
  • July   Wednesday 15th – Old Down Manor
  • August   Wednesday 12th – Mercure Holland House Hotel & Spa
  • September   Wednesday 16th – The Bristol Hotel
  • October    Wednesday 14th – Old Down Manor
  • November    Wednesday 11th – Mercure Holland House Hotel & Spa
  • December   Wednesday 16th – The Bristol Hotel

The Venues

Mercure Holland House Hotel & Spa

The Bristol Hotel


Old Down Manor

The Dates for Bristol






  • March   Wednesday 4th – Bridwell Park
  • April   Wednesday 15th – Sandy Park
  • May   Wednesday 13th – Exeter Racecourse
  • June   Wednesday 10th – Exeter Golf & CC
  • July   Wednesday 8th – Lord Haldon Country Hotel
  • August   Wednesday 5th – Bovey Castle
  • September   Wednesday 9th – Sandy Park
  • October    Wednesday 7th – Exeter Golf & CC
  • November    Wednesday 4th – Exeter Racecourse
  • December   Wednesday 9th – Sandy Park

The Venues

Sandy Park – host venue for 2015 Rugby World Cup, home to Premiership team Exeter Chiefs and a fabulous venue!

Exeter Golf & Country Club

Bridwell Park

Exeter Racecourse and Conference Centre

Lord Hadon Country Hotel

Bovey Castle

The dates for Exeter




Your Investment for the events – for seminar, coffee & networking, pre-lunch drinks and networking – including wine, 2 course served structured networking lunch with coffee, numerous decision makers, event programme with delegate list, follow up correspondence – £30.00 Inc VAT for members.  £36 inc VAT for Visitors*.  Dietary requirements catered for.

Car parking charges apply at the following venues – The Bristol Hotel, Bristol (50% discount at adjacent NCP for BNSW event attendees), Mercure Holland House Hotel & Spa, Bristol (free car parking on first come first served basis in hotel car park - alternatives here)  and Sandy Park, Exeter (4 hours £2, £1 for up to 1 hour)


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WESC Foundation Diary of events 2015 – time to get involved!


What we do

The WESC Foundation is a specialist day and residential centre offering a unique experience for young people and adults with visual impairment including complex needs. Our commitment is to excellence and innovation at a national and international level.

Student getting award

We provide high-quality education and care that increases our learners’ opportunities and raises their expectations.
By working with universities and international specialists, we are advancing our knowledge and practice of neuro-science, making us a leading specialist centre for visual impairment.

Our innovative learner-centred approach applies the latest techniques designed to transform the lives of our young people and adults.

We are committed to inclusion, increasing independence, achieving results and creating a fun and social place to live and study.

WESC Quiz Night 25th February 2015

The BEST charity pub quiz in Exeter is back again from 7pm, here at WESC in the school hall. Teams can be up to 6 people and we are charging £8 per person, but this will include a delicious buffet and a licensed bar will be available. There will also be a top prize for the winning team and a great raffle. There will be 8 rounds, covering topics ranging from history, sport and science to film, TV, literature and current affairs, as well as brain teasing, picture rounds. Here is the link to the information page on our website;

March 7th Collection at Exeter Chiefs

Join our team of collectors at Sandy Park as WESC are chosen charity of Exeter Foundation’s collection at an Exeter Chiefs home match. Experince the atmosphere and see much of the game whilst helping to raise much needed funds for children and young adults with visual impairments.

ROCK SOLID RACE – Escot, 25th March 2015

Teams and individuals race through mud and obstacles. WESC are looking to recruit 30 adventurous and energetic people to run on our behalf. Distances of 5km, 10km and 15km with some unusual objects to negotiate as you go!

If you pledge to raise £100 for us you can receive a free place and WESC fundraising t shirt and our support.

Collection at Exeter Racecourse 31st March

Its’ Family day at Exeter Races – with lots of other entertainment as well as a full race programme. It’s also the day that Exeter Racecourse have nominated WESC as their chosen charity for the day so we will be out in force for the collection in the main stand and having an information point

Dartmoor Adventure Day 26th April; 28th June; 23rd June and 26th October.

WESC Foundation Dartmoor Adventure Days are a fun and challenging day out for groups of friends or work colleagues. They are an ideal bonding and team building challenge, as well as raising funds for WESC Foundation. There are currently four dates available – 26th April; 28th June; 23rd August and 26th October. The day will include roped climbs, an abseil, a river traverse all linked by a beautiful walk in Dartmoor National Park.

Coffee on arrival at WESC – transport provided to Dartmoor. Full instruction given on a climb and abseil – simple lunch provided, then transport back to WESC Foundation.  £28 per person with a pledge to raise £100 in sponsorship.



3rd May  – ‘Walk for WESC’  is now established as a beautiful, family afternoon out in spring to enjoy one of three wonderful walks through the private estateland of Ugbrooke House, in Chudleigh.   The day also features the ceremony of the crowning of the Chudleigh Carnival Queen with refreshments served in the historic house orangery within the beautiful private gardens.   Free entry for those walking and raising sponsorship for us – or £5 for those who are coming for the cream teas and gardens.

WESC Foundation Charity Golf Tournament will be held on Friday May 15th at Sidmouth Golf Club. Again the entry of £200 per team will include breakfast, a light lunch at the 10th, and dinner, as well as a top prize for the winning team, fab raffle prizes and lots of fun mini competitions throughout the day. Book early is advised as team places are limited.

The First ever Exeter ‘White Cane Awareness Walk’ Friday 5th June

Starting and finishing at Exeter Cathedral – and following a short introduction and training on the use of a white cane from WESC Foundation mobility team specialists – you will be blindfolded and accompanied by a guide on a route around Exeter City Centre.  Experience a very different walk and try and accomplish some very simple tasks en route and gain understanding of the challenges faced by our visually impaired students on a daily level.

Skydive World Record Attempt 2015 – Join the WESC Team!

June 20th 2015 Skydive UK will be trying to break their own Tandem skydive record and we will be recruiting daredevils from WESC to take part!

You can either do this as a ‘Jump for free’ scheme where you need raise £395 for WESC to receive a free charity jump – or you can of course pay your jump fee yourself and then just raise whatever you can on our behalf.

If you can’t make the 20th June date – then Skydive UK operate the same system on most weekends throughout the year (though not trying to break a world record) – book on line through Skydive UK’s website and choose ‘WESC Foundation on their charity page.

Dates at weekends throughout the year – check http://www.Skydive for full details and availability

Dining in the Dark – NOVEMBER  is an exclusive gourmet meal and wine tasting evening in the unique surroundings of The Salutation Inn, Topsham, but with a difference; you will be eating and drinking in the pitch darkness! Three new dates in November (t.b.c) will be announced and all profits from these evenings will go to WESC Foundation.

October tbc – Fashion Show

The WESC Fashion show, hosted by Judi Spears featuring the fashion collection of REISS, Thursday October

Champagne and canapé reception followed by full cat-walk experience with models from Exeter College Fashion and Design presenting a full range of ladies and men’s fashions from the high street store REISS.

Challenge Event Dates for events in 2015 and 2016

Across the divide

Climb Kilimanjaro

Raise money for WESC by climbing Kilimanjaro. Across the divide have been running treks to Kilimanjaro for over ten years but they have a terrific success rate. You are TWICE AS LIKELY to reach the summit of Kilimanjaro with Across the Divide!

Trek to Machu Picchu

Raise money for WESC by participating in the Peru trek to Machu Picchu. The Lost City of Machu Picchu is one of the great wonders of the world and Somerset company Across the Divide offers a unique trek which takes a less used route, away from the hustle and bustle of the main Inca Trail, to this iconic site.

London to Paris Cycle Ride

Raise money for WESC by joining the London to Paris cycle ride. London to Paris is a classic iconic cycling journey and a great challenge that has to be on everyone’s list to tick off. Across the Divide have been running London to Paris bike rides for six years, we have a well established route, and an experienced team which means you will be in safe hands from start to finish.

Under consideration…

The Fly drive team challenge (date t.b.c)

Teams of three take on a round robin competition featuring  tasks as varied as landing a Boeing 737 (on an actual size 180 degree simulator ) driving a 4×4 course – part of which whilst blindfolded through the forest at Ugbrooke Park as well as clay pigeon shooting and some other ‘command challenges’ to see which Corporate team is the ultimate all rounder’s!

(cost  t.b.c   with sponsorship pledge per team)

Devon Air Ambulance Diary of events 2015

Looking for something to do?  Why not pop along to one of the fantastic events raising funds for us?


Real people saving real lives

This section is headed ‘Our Service’ but in fact it’s not, it’s ‘Your Service’!

Devon has two Air Ambulances because of the support and hard work of the community, businesses and friends of Devon.  They are here for you and thanks to you.

Help to make night time flight time

We need your help to fly longer into the night. Our helicopter is night flight ready but we need an extra £1 million a year to achieve our goal.

We don’t run many events ourselves.  The majority are put on by our fantastic supporters.   There’s bound to be something in your area to go along to. If not, why not consider putting on one yourself? It’s great fun and we are here to support you.

Here are just a few events you may be interested in – but there are many more in our events diary – simply click on the month of interest.

Run or Dye
30 May 2015
Color Me Rad
21 June 2015
DAAT Motorcycle Ride Out
12 July 2015
DAAT  One Mile Sea Swim
13 September 2015
Dragon Boat Festival
28 September 2015
Commando Challenge
11/12 October 2015

Families for Children Adoption – 2015 diary of events – how can you help?


Families for Children Trust is a Voluntary Adoption Agency and charitable trust based in the South West.

At Families for Children we believe that the best place for a child to grow is with their birth families. However where this is not possible we endeavour to find new adoptive families who can offer them a stable and loving home.

The children we place are from all over the UK and we find new adoptive families for them in Devon, Dorset, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.  Many of the children we place are  vulnerable and have complex extra needs resulting from early childhood traumatic experiences, including abuse, neglect or extreme changes in their lives.

We place children of all ages, sibling groups, children with disabilities, black children and children of mixed heritage.

We are a specialist adoption agency providing advice and support for those who are considering adoption and also offer our ‘forever’ policy of support. This means that we can offer post adoption support to the child and new family for as long as they need us.

Our services include:

  • Recruiting, preparing and assessing potential adoptive parents
  • Provision of post adoption support
  • Adult Adoptee Counselling for adoptees seeking information about their birth families
  • Independent Birth Relative Service for parents of children being placed for adoption by the Bournemouth and Poole Local Authorities

Skydive for FFC 2015Sky Dive on 16/05/2015

Dunkeswell, Devon Have you set yourself a challenge for 2015? Why not skydive to help raise funds for FFC.

Read more…


Family Skittles Afternoon

11/10/2014 / 2pm – 5pm /

The Langton Arms, Tarrant Monkton, Blanford Forum. DT 118RX Join us for a fun filled afternoon of FREE skittles for children aged 11 years plus and parents.

Read more…

Outdoor Fun

26/10/2014 / 1.15pm – 5.00pm /Adventurous Outdoor Fun

Butchers Coppice, Holloway Ave, Bournemouth BH11 9JW

Join us for an adventurous afternoon of outdoor fun at Butchers Coppice, Bournemouth. The afternoon is for children age 6-12 and their parents.

Read more…

St Loye’s Foundation 2015 diary of events – something for you?

St Loyes Main PY cmyk

St Loye’s Foundation is a national charity and service provider, based in Exeter, Devon for over 75 years.  We also have satellite offices in Warrington, Cardiff and North Devon.

St Loyes Main PY cmyk

We specialise in helping people with health, disability and social issues by providing a range of services, including Employment Training, Care and Supportand Learning and Skills.  Across all these services individuals are given the support and practical knowledge they need to access employment.  St Loye’s utilises a ‘person centred’ approach where the support is focused on an individuals specific needs, whilst ensuring, where required, a realistic employment goal.

Are you up for a fundraising challenge? Fundraise for us and help to change lives. Here are just a few of the many events and challenges you could take part in:

21st March Rock Solid Race 

20th June World Record Skydive Day

For more information about any of these events or challenges, please contact the Fundraising Department on 01392 255428 or email

Want to set up your own challenge? We would like to hear from you and help your ideas become a reality.

What about volunteering…..

Volunteering is good for you and great for our clients!

You can make new friends, have some fun, learn new skills and know you are doing something really worthwhile. Your expenses are paid so it just costs you a little time & effort.

Become an Event Volunteer…

As an Event Volunteer, you’ll help us raise awareness and much needed funds. You can select the role that suits you best and can work alone, in groups, with friends or family members. Here are the four options you can choose from:

1. Organiser

You’ll arrange regular or one-off events in aid of St Loye’s – anything from the traditional coffee morning to a sports event, a dinner, disco, pub quiz, teddy bears’ picnic, car wash, sponsored challenge or something of your choice.

2. Speaker

You’ll spread the word about our work so people know where they, or others, can get help. Often you’ll collect a donation in aid of St Loye’s from the group or individual you speak to.

3. Event Promoter

Whilst one person organising an event to raise money is wonderful, more people organising events is even better! Therefore you’ll use your creative skills to advertise events and inspire others to raise much needed funds that will improve lives.

4. Helper

If you prefer not to take the lead, that’s not a problem as we always need good helpers to assist with a variety of tasks – serving coffee, taking coats, guiding people, selling raffle tickets – the possibilities are endless!

You can help in so many ways so to find out more, please contact us to receive:

  • How to become a life changer through effective fundraising
  • Your A-Z of Fundraising ideas
  • Getting started – your volunteering info pack

Call us now on 01392 255428


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