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October 6, 2011

Today, after the news of Steve Jobs sadly passing away, we have discovered that networking was an important aspect behind the brilliance of the work he did. On this morning’s the Today Programme on BBC Radio 4, David Rowan talking with Bryan Appleyard (2 hours 26 minutes in) spoke of Steve Jobs’ takeover of the Pixar animation complex. The original plans put the managers, animators and software experts in separate buildings. However, Steve chose to

place them in one building with a central toilet block. He believed that it was here they would meet and chat and be enabled to create new ideas. He believed creativity would emerge from informal chats and meetings; something we endorse and believe in here at Business Network SW.

Brilliance and being able to excel in the business world comes from meeting new people who are going to guide you and help lead the way forward. Unlike Steve Jobs providing the toilets as the central meeting place for creativity to emerge, we are inviting you to a relaxed lunch and drinks event. With unique seating plans and a wide variety of specialists and businesses in attendance we can provide the relationships and people you need to meet to help you stand out.

What we provide at Business Network SW is essentially the opportunity to talk and eat!

Sean Humby is the host behind the events, running monthly lunches across the South West area, bringing businesses together to meet, discuss and form valuable relationships. As well as food and drinks we do also provide business seminars adding some learning to the days events!

We aim to provide a comfortable relaxed atmosphere where it is all about interacting and forming the all important links with people that are going to enhance your business.

To find out more and book a place for the next event, which are held regularly in Exeter, Taunton and Bristol click here.


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