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October 14, 2011

One of the first things taught on the PhotoReading course is to treat a non-fiction book like a website.

What?! Not start at the beginning?! This may seem like madness to you or you may have already figured this one. Think about it though. You wouldn’t dream of reading a website from start to finish, so why would you read a book like that? You do it because that’s the way you’ve been taught or to put it more strongly, conditioned.

Research shows that most people don’t get past chapter 3! Reading a book in the order that it interests you will keep your mind engaged and keen to know more.

Would it help you and your business to be able to read more information and be able to retain and recall the information?

Yes it’s about reading faster, and it’s also about using your mind in an entirely different way to absorb and use information that you want.

Have you thought about using PhotoReading to learn a language, to improve a sport you play, to gain or enhance a trait like confidence or to become great at public speaking for example?

All of these things are possible with PhotoReading. If there’s a book on the subject, you can PhotoRead and absorb that information at a much enhanced level and faster way of learning to what you currently do.

If you register by 18th October there is an early bird fee of £450, which is a saving of £100 on the regular course fee.

There is also Government funding currently available if you fulfil the criteria of employing at least one other full-time person and you are looking to grow your business. Please email me if you’d like to know more.

Are you ready to take your mind the next level … and beyond?!

Click below now and register for the next PhotoReading course.


Register Now!

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If you’d like to remind yourself why PhotoReading can interested you, click here for a quick 5 minute introduction.

PhotoReading is a skill for life. Can you afford not to learn?

Warm regards,

Clare Whiston

Knowledge Gateway Ltd

01626 853747

What people have said about PhotoReading …

“My golf handicap has gone down from 13.3 to 9.5 since PhotoReading and I have won a number of club medals and trophies too.”

‘I can easily read a 300 page reference manual in 2.5 hrs, and retain around 60% of the content.”

“This is a must do course – the amount of information I can now soak up, retain and use is fantastic.”

“I’ve passed all my exams taking less than half the recommended time to study.”

“I have been using my PhotoReading skills daily and have experienced a greater sense of confidence.”


St Olaves Hotel
Mary Arches Street
Exeter EX4 3AZ
United Kingdom

Driving Directions

Thursday November 17, 2011 at 9:00 AM to 6 PM GMT
Friday November 18, 2011 at 9AM to 6:00 PM GMT

Cost: £550 – earlybird fee £450 if registered before October 18


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