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Exeter Business Network Members Sampson Hall “Oil the Wheels of Industry”

October 18, 2011


Sampson Hall

The Castrol global vice presidents, including the senior vice president, enjoyed the delights of the Camel Estuary as they tested their cohesion and communication. The client brief:

“I want an activity that: involves everybody; is more than just an outing (e.g. simply a bike ride); does not require much, bus/car travel; requires team effectiveness (that’s the theme of the week); contains moments of lack of clear solution and/or changing resource/aim; requires resource deployment decisions, requires some idea generation, gives opportunity for self-imposed constraints (innovation is a current theme and, within that, avoiding premature evaluation is a factor)”.

Sampson Hall designed a bespoke exercise to challenge this experienced and influential group both physically and cerebrally. The team included the functional heads of all Castrol’s discrete disciplines and had flown in from all round the World. Sampson Hall delivered several interconnected outdoor and problem solving activities which ended on Rock with the weary but happy participants creating a suitable abode for their much lauded lobster Claude! (See photograph). The event was seen by all as a great success with some excellent thinking and cooperation within the teams and outstanding communication and coordination between the groups.

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For more information go to Sampson Hall and get your copy of their latest Newsletter


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