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1 great day, 2 fabulous seminars and 3 a great venue – Exeter Business Network November event

October 19, 2011

Two stimulating, nourishing layers of knowledge with a great opportunity packed filling!

What is in the sandwich?

Spiritualism and Email Marketing provide the nourishing layers

The first seminar in the morning will help you understand how working with your spiritual helpers can assist you in your business and personal life

The  second seminar – after lunch – will tell you why “Email marketing is not dead”

The filling between these layers – a fabulous networking lunch!

A day full of REAL opportunities, LIVE learning and GREAT relationship building

Seminar before lunch – hosted by Dudley Hambleton.

Dudley is Managing Director of Concorde Copiers, owner of Halberton Priory -12th Century Priory, Member of the Folk Band Devils Elbow, member of the English Civil War Society. Dudley is currently working on becoming a Spiritual Healer

With Dudley’s varied background and interests this session would give you the opportunity of looking at and discussing the various aspects of our spiritual connections:

Who we really are, how it all works and fits together, reincarnation, the wheel of life/death, trapped souls and rescue work, the dark side, Power Animals and working with animals, their psychic awareness, getting to know and working with our spiritual Guides/Guardians and Psychic protection and regressing into past lives as well, which has very tangible links to repairing problems people have in their lives, both mental and physical, quite apart from the fascination of knowing something of lives we have already experienced. – just some of the fascinating aspects that can have a really positive impact on your business and personal success in life and beyond.

To quote Dudley “People would hopefully come out with some of their own thoughts and experiences as well as it went along, so I would envisage a really interesting and lively session when we can make it happen”

Seminar after lunch hosted by Alastair Banks  – Director – Optix Solutions

‘Email marketing is not dead!’

The debate over email and its effectiveness as a marketing tool has been going for a number of years. With the emergence of cyber criminals and the unrelenting misuse of email, the perceived effectiveness of the medium has taken a hit. This has led to some companies turning their backs on using the method to communicate with their stakeholders.

The critical issue however is technique. As with every other marketing tool, effectiveness has dropped as the market has saturated. What is important is to ensure that the email campaigns are delivered with adequate care, consideration and craft by those that do so. What we hope to share is how this can be done.

Furthermore what this presentation will highlight is how, if used appropriately, email is still the most cost-effective, dynamic and efficient form of communication for any type of business. The key is learning about the tools which are available to make your email campaigns stand out. What this presentation will do is introduce the seemingly endless potential that email offers to business.

Finally, if you’re still unsure about email, consider this:

If you were looking for a sandwich for lunch then this could be the event for you – the filling between these two great slices of learning is THE Networking lunch where you will benefit

  • from meeting and building relationships with decision makers
  • from the unique seating plan system giving you a huge variety of contacts
  • from promoting your business and expertise
  • from structured networking from the UK’s longest running lunchtime networking organisation
  • from building a team of advocates and ambassadors for your business

Event is at Sandy Park, Exeter


Seminar before lunch 10.30am – 11.45am – coffee from 10am

Networking Lunch 11.45am – 2pm – pre lunch drinks, 2 course served lunch with wine and coffee, special diets catered for

Seminar after lunch – 2.30pm – 4pm

Cost to attend from £27.50 per person


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