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Brand Yourself

November 3, 2011

“We must brand, package and market ourselves so that we are desirable”- Garr Reynolds

“If you’re not appearing, you’re disappearing,” said legendary jazz musician, Art Blakey. Absolutely true. No matter what your “thing” is — engineer, marketing exec, or French Literature professor, whatever! — standing on the merits of your great work alone is not (usually) enough. People have got to know about you and your great work. They have got to meet you, see you. If you want people to talk about the wonderful things you do, then you must give them the opportunity to experience you. This means attending networking meetings (both social and professional) and getting involved in external organizations in your field. But do not limit your involvement only to organizations in your direct field. Some of the best contacts may come from quite unexpected places, but you will never know unless you get out there and mix it up.
One way to “get out there” and “appear” is to volunteer to make presentations. Organizations and professional associations are always looking for great guest speakers — why don’t you volunteer? Even if it is not a paying gig, the contacts you make from one of your presentations might be very valuable and may even lead to paid speaking engagements down the line. Who knows? When you share what you know, and “give it away,” so to speak, you will in the end always reap far more than you sow. If you are not now a great public speaker, then get a coach or take a seminar or two. It is a fact: people will judge you by the way you present yourself (and your message) to an audience. If you get this skill down, it could make all the difference in your career.

Tom Peters developed Brand You; the idea that talent needs to be demonstrated. As a company they offer Inspired Performance Workshops to help you stand out and be memorable. Of the people who have really been preaching the need for personal branding in the modern era, it is Tom Peters who has been screaming loudest. Tom’s first article on personal branding came out in a 1997 issue of Fast Company. For many people, the world has not been the same since.

The Bristol Business Network has seen Matt Richardson, Directing Manager of Recognition Express demonstrate just this skill in the 10 minute speaker slot.

A lively demonstration, memorable and funny is going to get you remembered; especially to the tune of Right Said Fred!

Brand yourself and stand out from the crowd!

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