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Tom Peters – The Little Big Things – Networking & Lunch!

November 18, 2011

Manna from Heaven

To see both these words together from such a eminent business guru was brilliant!

The examples maybe ‘departmental’ but boy do they equally apply to any business owner

Originally posted 2010

From Tom Peters’ Website…….


The Little BIG Things
Synopsis Series
#17 Networking
#18 Lunch

It’s time for two new sections in The Little BIG ThingsSynopsis Series. The next two sections in The Little BIG Things: 163 Ways to Pursue Excellence are titled “Networking” and “Lunch.” Your relationships are the key to success, on a project level or career level. Tom not only explains why but how to improve these all-important relationships.

You can download free pdfs of those sections fromThe Little BIG Things Synopsis Series* by clicking below:

#17 Networking
#18 Lunch

*The Synopsis Series is an adaptation that gives you a taste of the BIG idea in each of the 163 Little BIG Things. More information on the book can be found on this page. The Synopsis Series as released thus far can be found here

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