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Roundabouts, Networking – safely saving time and resources

December 1, 2011

Roundabouts proved to save time and money!

Networking can do the same!

From an article in The Economist

“The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, an independent research group, estimates that converting intersections with traffic lights to roundabouts reduces all crashes by 37% and crashes that involve an injury by 75%. At traffic lights the most common accidents are faster, right-angled collisions. These crashes are eliminated with roundabouts because vehicles travel more slowly and in the same direction.”

Proof that roundabouts have other advantages….

“on average far quicker to traverse a series of roundabouts than a similar number of stop lights. Indeed, one national study of ten intersections that could have been turned into roundabouts found that vehicle delays would have been reduced by 62-74% (nationally saving 325,000 hours of motorists’ time annually). Moreover, because fewer vehicles had to wait for traffic lights, 235,000 gallons of fuel could have been saved


A networking event gives you the opportunity to meet numerous other business owners, directors, entrepreneurs in one place – saving your time and resources.

Structured networking gives you the opportunity to listen, talk and build relationships with other people.

Tenuous link between Networking around circular tables and square tables – does your conversation collide or go with the flow?

Experience a Business Network SW event  where you will benefit

  • from meeting and building relationships with decision makers
  • from business  seminars that will increase profit, reduce costs, increase productivity
  • from the unique seating plan system giving you a huge variety of contacts
  • from promoting your business and expertise
  • from structured networking from the UK’s longest running lunchtime networking organisation
  • from building a team of advocates and ambassadors for your business

Another Roundabout Fact!

UK has 25000 – USA only 3000 – Research here! France has over 30000!

Does this apply to the magic roundabouts?  Both of these are in Swindon!

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