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Can you help Families for Children?

December 16, 2011


Just received the follwing message from Ally Colton at Families for Children

“Hi Sean,

An update on the scooter front – thank you for waving your magic wand again  – I have received enough donations and the scooter is on order for delivery tomorrow!
FFC are so  grateful to the BNSW members for helping us to ‘make’ this young man’s Christmas.”

Had the following request from Ally Colton – Families For Children

“I have received the following message from one of our post adoption social workers about a young lad he is working with at the moment.
It may be a long shot, particularly at this time of the year, but I am currently working with a 13-year old boy whose passion is for skating and his scooter. He spends many an hour at the local skate park planning and executing various moves and tricks. I see him regularly in a planned response to his questions about his past and his birth family.�
Unfortunately his prized scooter was stolen in the summer. This followed him having his bicycle vandalised. His scooter was restored to him following police involvement, although this was in several bits! Despite this he managed to make it serviceable but it has now broken beyond any further repair
Unfortunately his family are unable to fund a replacement for him due to low income and I wondered, as Nigel suggests, if someone may like to contribute towards FFC providing a new scooter.
I have done some research myself and in fact the scooter can be purchased via ebay ‘buy it now’ for £79.95.
Do you think this is a request we can put out to all the members?
It would be wonderful to get it to him in time for Christmas”

If anyone can help please contact Ally

01364 645488 and 07817 972590

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