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Evolution- First Event!

December 16, 2011

The first event at Evolution is happening this coming Saturday 17th December and we are very excited,  as we have Tonya and her husband setting up a Kirlian Camera at Evolution and they will be photographing people’s Auras during the day and then giving each person a personal reading as well.

Nine people have already booked,  so please telephone or call in if you would like to arrange a slot to come in and have your Aura photographed by this very experienced and professional couple on Saturday.

The cost is £30 and each session lasts approx 30 minutes,  so there is plenty of time to go into your Aura photo and reading in some detail.

This is just such a fascinating thing to experience and understand …  and is what got me moving along my spiritual pathway in this lifetime approx three years ago.  Before this was done and explained to me I was as cynical about the spiritual side of live as anyone you could find … and now look at me!!!

So be warned … having this done can seriously affect the quality of your life from here on … but only for the better!!!

With much Love and Light to you all

Dudley Hambleton



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