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Q Social Media December News

December 21, 2011

Get up to speed with social media over Christmas with our new online marketing club that has “how to” training guides for Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. These are ideal for:

  • Beginners looking for help on social media with step by step guides
  • Intermediates looking to take their social media setup to the next level

We answer questions like:

  • How to get started on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and or LinkedIN
  • How to build online connections to your market
  • How to use social media platforms as effective online marketing tools for your business
  • How social media complements networking at events and traditional marketing
  • How to promote events via social media
  • How to save time via useful techniques and tools
  • How to track results

For a full list of topics covered please see the attached file.

You will also have access to:

  • Online forum, which only yourselves will have access too, where if you have a specific issue you can post it there and we will look to answer it.  
  • New Top Info every month to further develop your online marketing strategy as we introduce new guides on Google tools, Website advice & SEO.

To access these quick reference training guides that will:

  1. Save you time in learning how to market your business online, particularly with the social media platforms, which are not always that straight forward to get up and running with. 
  2. Allow you to maximise marketing your business online to your customer base and potentially gain a significant advantage over your competitors.

Sign Up Here

Plus Getting a Kindle for Christmas? We have also published an ebook on a complete guide on how to get the best out of LinkedIn available on Amazon here.

For free useful info see our December Newsletter this has a full run down of our blogs we have written on social media.

Have a great Christmas

Chris Wood is a member of The Exeter Business Network and Taunton Business Network. He will be at future events if you need any social media advice!

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