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75 jumpers needed!

January 11, 2012

St Loye’s Foundation celebrates its 75th Anniversary

This year, St Loye’s Foundation celebrates its 75th Anniversary and we’d love you and any family or friends to support us by taking part in our Tandem Skydive on Friday June 22nd

We are looking for 75 people to jump for us and raise valuable funds to improve yet more lives

so go for it & sign up here now!

By jumping for us with Skydive UK Ltd, you’ll enjoy these great benefits:

  • Their regular tandem instructors have a combined total of over 26,000 jumps!
  • Their tandem jumps are up to 15,000ft; this is almost a mile higher than most other parachute centres & the highest in the world without needing extra oxygen!
  • Fastest and most comfy jump plane in the country.
  • After the exhilarating 10,000ft freefall you’ll be enjoying a relaxing parachute ride over the beautiful landscape of Southwest England (Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and the Bristol Channel).
  • Video option to capture the whole freefall and parachute landing on film.
  • Free camping on site with full use of facilities.

General information on Skydive UK’s charity jumps is here & you can take a look at the demo video here

Why Jump for Us?

By fundraising for St Loye’s, you’ll be helping to improve the lives of people who face ongoing challenges through disabilities or health conditions. People like Tom, who at the age of just 22 has his immediate future taken out of his hands when he suffered a stroke. With our help, Tom is now back at work & enjoying life to the full again.

You can choose where your money goes:

1.    ‘Transitions‘ – a mentoring and employability skills programme which helps service veterans with their transition to life in Civvy Street, or

2.    ‘Moving into Work’ project which helps people with learning disabilities and autism access work, training and independent living skills, or

3.    Our ‘General Fund’ where your monies can be used for any purpose to help our trainees improve their lives.

About Us…

St Loye’s Foundation is a national charity based in Exeter with offices in Warrington and Cardiff which helps a wide range of service users through Residential Training, Care and Support, Social Enterprise and Job Support amongst many others.

Our Residential Training contract provides people with the skills, experience and confidence they need to secure lasting employment while our Care & Support services help people to use their personal budget or direct payment to realise their dreams and aspirations.

Getting sponsorship…

To jump for free, you’ll need to raise a minimum of £395* – you can set up an online sponsorship page and get ideas to maximise your donations here   – the text giving option is really popular & no charges are deducted. I’ve also attached our sponsor form, so feel free to print it and start signing people up (if tax payers, please get home addresses so we can claim Gift Aid).

Sign up now…

To celebrate our 75th Anniversary, we are looking for 75 people to jump for us and raise valuable funds to improve yet more lives, so go for it & sign up here now!

Look forward to hearing from you.

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