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Can your mind be read?

January 12, 2012

One of the U.K’s leading Psychological Entertainers is coming to Taunton on the 10thFebruary 2012. 

  •  The only U.K mind entertainer to specialize in stage and stand up performance.
  • Predicting the future, knowing the past and influencing the present are all feats you will witness during this amazing performance.
  •  Paul appears to have the ability to not only read but also influence people’s minds.
  • However he makes no claims to have any supernatural powers or psychic gifts.
  • Imagine: Just thinking of a scene in your head and Paul being able to accurately draw a picture of your thoughts.
  • Watch as he describes events in people’s lives that only they could know.
  • Be amazed as he influences the choices of random audience members to reveal their every decision had been predicted beforehand.
  • Psychology, suggestion, intuition all play their part, along with other elements that will remain a secret.
  • Paul believes part of the fun of watching his performance is trying to work out how it’s done.

To book your tickets please call Sam McIntyre on 01823 252 934 or email .  Don’t delay as tickets are selling fast!


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