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Why did the clock fall off the wall…

January 12, 2012

Thank you for a great opening event for 2012 at Exeter Racecourse yesterday!

A clock fell from the wall – was it time flying?

There is an explanation – thank you Dudley Hambleton 

“I thought you might like a brief explanation to circulate around the membership of what happened at the Racecourse yesterday.  It is an everyday occurrence for me these days,  but this is probably the first time you have had what some in the room would think of as a Paranormal occurrence at a lunch?

Normally if lost souls detect who I am they will attract my attention by gently touching the top of my head or my hair (  you will appreciate there is a difference here as I have a wide parting these days !! ) but this would not have worked yesterday,  as I was concentrating on the hosting of the table and promoting Concorde Copiers, etc.

One of them then clearly had the ability to make material matter move ( and two of the people sat on my table saw it happen ) as the clock was suddenly raised clear of its nail, lifted away from the wall and dropped!

This happened behind me so I did not see it myself,  but I tuned in and was given the name Roger as being the easiest person in the group for me to connect with and then picked up that there were twelve other lost souls with him. 

I moved over to my  Concorde pop up after the meal was finished (  thinking to take this down before helping them over to the Light )  when I was called by two of our lady members who were standing talking to each other in the middle of the room,  who told me they had just felt these lost souls going past them heading toward me.

I stood in the corner of the room looking out over the racecourse,  connected with Roger,  asked him to ensure that they all stayed close together and over they all went in approx thirty seconds.  Much rejoicing on the other side to see them safely over again. 

Hey- Ho … all in a day`s work for a Wizard!!

Dudley is not only Associate Director of Concorde he owns Evolution in Exeter

Evolution is about to become Exeter’s leading spiritual centre and crystal shop.

Visit here

Other feedback from the event……………….

Alex Wren
alex_wren Alex Wren

Thanks @seanhumby for the best #BNSW event of 2012! Some new connects and some old rekindled, looking forward to the next one already
 Julia Bramble

JuliaBramble Julia Bramble

@seanhumby – ab fab #BNSW lunch #Exeter yesterday – thanks so much!! 🙂
West England School
wesexeter West England School

Great to be back in the swing of things raising awareness for@wesexeter @ExeterRaces with @seanhumby @BNSW and the brilliant @glenkingpr
Ian Smith
TTPLuk Ian Smith

Excellent day at #Exeter Racecourse for #BNSW and seminar by@clarewhiston Thanks @seanhumby and @JuliaBramble , great hosts :0)
Exeter Racecourse
ExeterRaces Exeter Racecourse

Very pleased to welcome @seanhumby and Business Network SW members back here today – great event and top networking opportunity.

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