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EXCITING NEW DEVELOPMENT from Bristol Business Network member….

January 19, 2012

Mark Hall – Kemia Finance Ltd  has an investment opportunity.

Quoting Mark…

“I particularly like the fact that a group of smaller investors can ‘club’ together their individual contributions through pensions and and direct savings and approach the fund through us on a combined one application basis etc-or each to their own I suppose!!”


The fund has been given advanced regulatory approval to allow smaller investors to contribute on a collective basis so the minimum premium has now been reduced to £5000!

UK Land and Property Cell incorporated in Guernsey

  • Fund to raise £10 million to £15 million.
  • ROI  minimum 15% Gross with a 66% share of all profit on all contracts to investors.
  • 5 year term
  • Complete tax deferral-The Fund will apply for Tax exempt status in Guernsey meaning the investors defer any liability to tax until such time as the Fund returns investors monies.
  • Opportunity to re-invest and invest elsewhere to retain tax-deferrals.
  • Full comprehensive due diligence.
  • Full regulatory control.
  • Attractive and available to all pension, individual and corporate  investor contributions globally!
  • Prime land sites already in process of being secured.
  • Meeting UK Government new build Government housing targets with their support.
  • Intention to Sharia comply.

If you would like more information or have questions then Mark will be at the Bristol Business Network events during 2012

Mark can be contacted on 01179 624600 and 07939 070270 and

All investments involve different degrees of risk. You should be aware of your risk tolerance level and financial situations at all times. Furthermore, you should read all transaction confirmations, monthly, and year-end statements. Read any and all prospectuses carefully before making any investment decisions.


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