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Make Networking your priority

January 23, 2012

Rob Day, from Northumberland Today, published this article on why we should be networking.

The ability to network is one of the most crucial skills any small business person can have. Networking develops mutually beneficial relationships with other business people who may be potential clients and/or customers. The real purpose of networking is to increase revenues so an individual business owner should allocate time for this important activity.

Here at Business Network SW we can provide the opportunities that can help you to create these relationships. With monthly lunchtime networking events in Bristol, Exeter and Taunton we have a wide range of businesses and decision makers to meet and form valuable lasting business relationships with. We are the leading lunchtime networking company in the South West, with educational business seminars designed to help you and your business, and and informal structured format and seating plan to ensure you make  the most of your visit.

Whenever you attend an individual networking event it’s smart to plan ahead. Continue to foster relationships with people you already know but also set a target number of new people that you want to meet. Give out your business card and collect others. Be proactive, send out a follow up email after meeting those you want to further develop a business relationship with.

As a business owner, you are very busy, so set aside a specific amount of time to develop your network each month, including setting the number of new people you want to meet.


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