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Social Media favoured in B2B Marketing

January 27, 2012

Here at BNSW we predominately use social media to market to our audience. In this article a recent study has shown that a massive 93% of B2B businesses are engaged in social media marketing, using ‘the big 3’ LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

44% of companies blog, but LinkedIn proved the most popular social media platform, with Facebook second and blogging third. Only 13% of people asked in the study found Twitter to be the top channel for marketing. However this is arguably because it is not the best tool in B2B marketing.

People also defined that lack of resources was the biggest factor preventing people from social media marketing, with lack of knowledge coming fourth as the reason not to use it.

Social Media is obviously a huge factor in business today, but do you use it and how successful do you find it in relation to your business?

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