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“Your business can thrive on the connections you create”

January 31, 2012

Tony Altham runs business networking seminars to help you get the most from your networking. Here is his advice:

“I’ve been networking for most of my life but didn’t realise the importance or value of it until I started to work for myself after I was made redundant back in September 1991. During the last 20 years that I’ve run my own businesses I’ve met, watched, listened to, learned from and connected with thousands of business people and among them all, some incredible networkers. I’ve also alienated plenty of people in my early days by making all the classic networking mistakes.

Great networkers are brilliant connectors who give first and build trust and respect and gain later. Your attitude and confidence will directly influence and impact on your relationship building success. The top networkers consistently do and show you precisely why they are so successful. You need proven techniques and strategies that deliver strong, long lasting and profitable business relationships while also building your personal brand. There are simple guaranteed ‘do now’ ways to create profitable business relationships so you can network with absolute confidence and build your business and career on recommendations and referrals.”

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