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Create Mobile Apps for your Business

February 2, 2012

AME Training course 
Developing Mobile Android & Iphone/Ipad Apps With The Adobe Toolset

Developing Mobile Android & Iphone/Ipad Apps With The Adobe Toolset

DATE: 21st – 24th May 2012



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This course is designed to provide a guide to the developing and changing methods of creating content for mobile devices using Adobe AIR and Phonegap. It covers the rudiments of creating applications for android and IOS as well as tips and tricks for being successful in the approval process.

Although the course does not require high-level coding knowledge, some knowledge of Actionscript and / or javascript would be an advantage. Delegates should be familiar with Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Flash. Some basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop is also useful.

Subject areas (Please note, subject areas covered will depend on delegates ability and time available)

Day One: Introduction to the workflow
·         Types of apps: Android, IOS.
·         Getting yourself set up for creating apps
·         Overview of the tools: Flash, Flashbuilder, Dreamweaver
·         Working with mobile devices vs. working with desktop devices
·         Setting up your first flash project
·         Creating simple flash content for mobile
·         Turning your flash content into an Ipad app
·         Turning your flash content into an android app
·         Setting up your first Phonegap project
·         Creating simple HTML5 content for mobile
·         Turning your HTML5 content into an Iphone app
·         turning your HTML5 content into an Android app
Day Two: Graphics and multimedia
·         Preparing graphics for apps (Photoshop / Fireworks / Illustrator)
·         Best practice
·         Considerations when creating graphics
·         Blitting
·         Animating objects
·         Timers vs. frame rates
·         Optimizing frame rates for devices
·         Video options
·         HTML5 video in Phonegap
·         Using stageWebView in Flash
·         Playing audio via your device
·         Project one: a simple playlist (Flash version)
·         Project two: a simple playlist (Phonegap version)

Day Three: Working with data
·         Storing user information locally
·         Retrieving user information locally
·         Getting information from a remote location : (i) checking for connectivity
·         Getting information from a remote location : (ii) connecting
·         Getting information from a remote location : (iii) saving locally
·         Encrypted local data stores
·         Device file systems : apple and IOS
·         Saving files locally on iOS
·         Saving files locally on Android

Day Four: Project day
This day will be spent building a simple application which retrieves data from a remote service and then displays it on the phone. Users are able to drill down into the information and see more detailed objects that they wish to buy and save these to their local shopping list.

Having completed the application delegates will focus on the submission process:
·         App icons
·         Store icons
·         Approval process
·         Time scales

We would be pleased to provide a quote for an in-house event, based on location and delegate numbers. Course timetables can be tailored to meet client requirements. Please contact us for further information.

For a list of all our scheduled courses or to book this course please call Angela on

01752 703 033 or email


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