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Make Twitter work for you

February 3, 2012

Though there’s place for idle talk about movies, the weather and general skinder, we would probably improve our job prospects if we talked more about job opportunities in our daily interactions on social media.

“Talking and networking has never been so easy as it is today with social media as additional communication tools,” says Natalie Rabson of Boston City Campus & Business College.

“Imagine if all this tweeting and networking could broaden your horizons – in terms of knowledge and in terms of finding and creating jobs,” says Rabson.

“So why not talk about jobs?” published here

Natalie Rabson is right, we can broaden our horizons and use Twitter to connect to the people that can push our business further.

Keep in contact with local businesses, people who who have met at events or networking sessions- keeping in contact is the best way to build business relationships and develop your business, even if it is just a friendly tweet from time to time.

Tweet about your work and new developments, it keeps people interested and intrigued by your work and can show how dedicated and passionate you are.

Link your other social media platforms to your Twitter, such as LinkedIn and Facebook, spreading the message about your business further.

Follow us on Twitter @seanhumby and say hello! For more information on our networking events, held monthly in Exeter, Bristol and Taunton click here.





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