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The Exceptional, energetic, enthusiastic eighty!

February 9, 2012

You hear enough before the events!

Here’s some insight into what went on at the Exeter Event on 8/2/12

“If you think it’s hard meeting new people, try picking up the wrong golf ball”–  Jack Lemmon b 8/2/1925

The seminar hosted by Colin Nicklas – Gameplans on  “Goal Setting and Motivation – Lessons from the Sahara” covering Colin’s epic completion of the Marathon Des Sables – started the day brilliantly.

 Colin (2nd from left) completing the Marathon Des Sables

All those who came to the seminar benefitted from a whole host of expertise and knowledge and also had the chance to win a half days consultation

The networking lunch was full of energetic conversation between people creating opportunities.

The table hosts – all hand selected for their talent and enthusiasm – did a tremendous job.  Look at some of the responses when invited to be a table host!

“Absolutely delighted to accept.  8th Feb was the birth date of James Dean in 1931. �James who was the ‘Rebel without a cause’ died aged only 24. One of his famous quotes is “Dream as if you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die today.”We need to dream as if we’ll live forever, network as if we’ll die today!

“Just try and stop me – would love too!”

“Very honoured to be a table host”

“I am honoured to even be considered for such a prestigious role and delighted to accept.   I trust the immense pressure of responsibility will bring the best out of me – I’ll endeavour to make you very proud”

The tremendous 10 received rapturous applause for the brilliant job done!

The 10 minute speakerCathy Towers of Exeter Mind & Body Clinc was accompanied by Charlie and demonstrated how our posture can dictate how we interact with other people.  Cathy had everyone there shaking!

The winner of the Gameplans Draw was Glen King of Glen King Marketing & PR

The announcements made at the event offer more opportunities

West of England School and College – Fashion Show invite

Look Good – Feel Great 

Julia Bramble’s – February – Lovin’ your customers

Business Development Academy Launch Party

And some of the Twitter activity after the event


Ab fab networking lunch at #BNSW #Exetertoday – thanks so much to @seanhumby – feel so supported by lovely, lovely people in the group 🙂


thanks to @seanhumby for another excellent, high tempo networking event.#bnsw

Looking Ahead…..

The next event on 7th March at Exeter Golf & Country Club promises to be fabulous

2 seminars

Before Lunch

 Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and How Social Media Plays its Part

Hosted by Chris Wood and Mark Evans-Martin representing Q Social Media

Chris Wood is author of unlock linkedin ebook on Amazon where in this ebook he mentions at least 6 ways LinkedIn can enhance your website SEO.  Mark Evans-Martin is helping local businesses achieve page one presence on Google for their industry they’re in (Google owns approx. 90% of the search engine market) with SEO techniques that Google likes!

  • For those businesses looking to get the most out of their website and social media setup
  • For those wanting to get more info on SEO and social media
  • For those after their website to be found more often by their customer base in search engines (primarily Google) and within social media platforms. As well as learn how social media now plays a critical part in SEO.
  • For those wanting to be found more often within their social media setups by their customer base.

After lunch –

“You are the storyteller of your own life, and you can create your own legend or not.”  Tom Peters, Re-imagine!

It is hard to think of yourself as a brand.

It is antithetical to the way we think of ourselves where actions (should) speak louder than words.

But …And it is a BIG but … whether you like it or not, you have a personal brand: your name, persona, your clients and your business dictate Brand You.

It is no longer ‘enough’ to do the work – that is a given. It is a question of working on your career, building up your business and distinguishing yourself in a highly competitive, consumer-facing market.

Hosted by  Julian Summerhayes is a former solicitor who worked for a number of the regional and smaller practices in the South West. He now runs his own business development consultancy where he works with businesses developing strategies for winning new work (both on and off-line), leveraging their intellectual capital and adjusting to the fluid legal landscape. He maintains an active blog ( which delves into and discusses the main business development issues facing professional practice, with a particular focus on personal branding.

“Anything one man can imagine, other men can make real”  Jules Verne

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