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The Renewable Energy Marketplace

February 14, 2012

With oil and gas prices set to continue to rise it makes sense for us all to think about whether we could make use of the fantastic natural resources we have in this part of the world to generate our own energy.


The Renewable Energy Marketplace – which takes place on 8 March 2012 at Westpoint arena, near Exeter – has been established as the event where anyone can come and find out more about what’s on offer. It brings together some 100 expert companies providing the full range of renewable and energy efficient technologies with expert seminars covering all you need to know about choosing the right solution for you – and how to earn money from renewable energy.


Merlin Hyman, Regen SW chief executive, said: “We get a lot of enquiries from people – be they homeowners, business, members of the public, or local authorities – who want to get install renewable technologies and want to know more about what their next steps should be – but are unsure what to consider. Renewable Energy marketplace brings together everything they need in one day in one place, providing information, education, and a whole raft of solutions from renewables companies that can help them start their journey to energy self-sufficiency.”

Renewable Energy marketplace centres around a large exhibition that covers all renewables technologies including biomass boilers, heat pumps, wind turbines, anaerobic digestion, hydro, solar thermal, solar panels as well as woodfuel and energy efficiency. Many exhibitors have examples of the equipment on offer so you can look first hand at all the options.


Tickets to attend the event cost £25+VAT which include attendance at all the seminars and surgeries and can be booked online by visiting or by calling 01392 494 399




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