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Taster for the Power of Brand You

March 2, 2012


  • Networking lunch
  • Numerous decision makers
  • 2 great seminars
  • Before lunch- Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and How Social Media Plays its Part from Chris Wood, Q Social Media and Mark Evans- Martin, SEO specialist 

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and How Social Media Plays its Part 

  • Those attending will pick up top tips from a SEO specialist Mark Evans-Martin and a social media specialist Chris Wood
  • Basic top tips on how to start search engine optimising a website that people attending can apply themselves
  • As well as top tips on how to optimise social media setups so you can be found more often within the platforms themselves, drawing customers into you (known as inbound marketing) and so search engines like Google can pick up on it too. Vastly improving the chance of being found when a customer is searching for a service or product you provide.

Hosted by Q Social Media

Chris Wood is author of unlock linkedin ebook on Amazon where in this ebook he mentions at least 6 ways LinkedIn can enhance your website SEO.

Mark Evans-Martin is helping local businesses achieve page one presence on Google for their industry they’re in (Google owns approx. 90% of the search engine market) with SEO techniques that Google likes! 

  • After lunch- The Power of Brand You- Julian Summerhayes

The Power of Brand You 

This workshop will focus on how you leverage Brand You for maximum gain and will cover:

  • Why Brand You?
  • The mindset of the Brand You linchpin.
  • Adopting a synergistic approach to your values and your clients.
  • How to build a remarkable Brand You for maximum gain: financial, spiritual and career.
  • Why LinkedIn is so important to developing a WOW Brand You.
  • Renewal strategies.
  • Developing a Brand You marketing plan.

Julian Summerhayes is a former solicitor who worked for a number of the regional and smaller practices in the South West. He now runs his own business development consultancy where he works with businesses developing strategies for winning new work (both on and off-line), leveraging their intellectual capital and adjusting to the fluid legal landscape. He maintains an active blog ( which delves into and discusses the main business development issues facing professional practice, with a particular focus on personal branding. 

Julian’s seminar will be a fabulous taster session for his exciting 2012 event- The Power of Brand You being held at Buckfastleigh, Buckfast Abbey on 23rd March.

The Power of Brand You 2012

Friday, 23 March 2012 from 09:00 to 16:00 (GMT)

Buckfastleigh, United Kingdom

Whether you like it or not, you have a personal brand: your name, persona, your clients and your business dictate Brand You.

It is no longer ‘enough’ to do the work – that is a given. It is a question of working on your career, and distinguishing yourself in a highly competitive market.

“Distinct or Extinct.”

Tom Peters

This event will focus on leveraging:

1. Your career;

2. Your financial independence;

3. Making the most of your latent abilities;

4. The 3 Rs of Personal Branding: (1) Resistance; (2) Renewal; and (3) Re-Imagining a (brave) new World of endless possibility.

There will be a follow up event in September to build on the foundation stones laid at this workshop.

The event cost is £90.00; there will be coffee and lunch served and all materials will be provided.

CLICK HERE for your tickets now

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