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104 reasons to attend a Networking event……

March 3, 2012
  1. Meet people
  2. Meet people face to face
  3. Build relationships
  4. Grow your business
  5. Increase knowledge
  6. Create opportunities
  7. Enhance your reputation
  8. Make better buying decisions
  9. Get details to pass to a client/colleague
  10. Gain market intelligence
  11. Share ideas
  12. Overcome challenges
  13. Generate referrals
  14. Book the next event
  15. Build strategic alliances
  16. Find solutions
  17. Support charities
  18. Use as part of your CSR
  19. Be inspired
  20. Host seminars
  21. Increase credibility
  22. Promote your business
  23. Develop your brand
  24. Learn from experts
  25. Develop collaborative opportunities
  26. Explore new ideas
  27. Create wealth
  28. Benefit from relaxed structured events
  29. Get business advice
  30. Make friends
  31. Learn new skills
  32. Build your customer base
  33. Stay in touch
  34. Request your special dietary requirement
  35. Utilise unique seating plan system
  36. Benefit from huge variety of contacts
  37. Book you place at Exeter’s next event
  38. Expand your contacts
  39. Secure new business
  40. Build your database
  41. Inspire others
  42. Pick up a membership application form
  43. Book your place at Bristol’s next event
  44. Expand your contacts
  45. Secure new business
  46. Build your database
  47. Guaranteed “crumb free keyboard” working lunch
  48. Meet like-minded people
  49. Develop abundance mentality
  50. Visit some fabulous venues
  51. Enjoy a relaxed lunch
  52. Develop win-in attitude
  53. Visit some fabulous venues
  54. Enjoy a relaxed lunch
  55. Request your special dietary requirement
  56. Utilise unique seating plan system
  57. Benefit from huge variety of contacts
  58. Schedule your monthly networking appointments
  59. Develop long-term business relationships
  60. Generate opportunities
  61. Become energised
  62. Increase your profit
  63. Become healthier
  64. Discover real benefits
  65. Obtain expert advice
  66. Get the latest news from the local business community
  67. Enjoy a served 2 course lunch with wine
  68. Benefit from experienced table hosts
  69. Deliver a 10 minute speaker slot
  70. Get your free pads/pens giveaways
  71. Meet like-minded people
  72. Get 2014 dates for your diary
  73. Stay in touch
  74. Build collaborations
  75. Drive traffic to your website
  76. Enhance your networking ability
  77. Get more invitations
  78. Increase your sphere of influence
  79. Understand the legal aspects affecting your business
  80. Overcome HR issues with expert advice
  81. Get the latest marketing techniques
  82. Discover ways to enhance your business
  83. Understand people better
  84. Create connections
  85. Engage in numerous conversations
  86. Get latest offers/deals/incentives
  87. Become inspired and motivated
  88. Develop your Optitude*
  89. Ask for the testimonials
  90. Meet some of the members
  91. Meet more people and build relationships
  92. Promote your business through social media
  93. Learn something new
  94. Understand your business better
  95. Make friends
  96. Start a new business
  97. Increase your visibility
  98. Meet the host
  99. Promote your business using literature and pop ups at each event
  100. Host a corporate table
  101. Take advantage of money-saving opportunities
  102. Access National Database of Business network members
  103. Request invitations for Business Network events across UK

104 Oh  – Have Fun!

Feel free to add to the list – it is by no means exhaustive!


Why not invite them along and let them experience the benefits?

Questions to ask yourself about your networking

  • Do you want to generate opportunities that will enhance your business?
  • Do you want to build mutually beneficial relationships with other decision makers?
  • Do you want your networking to relaxed and comfortable?
  • How about business seminars that can positively impact your business?
  • Would a huge variety of contacts be useful to your business?
  • Do you want the opportunity to promote your business and expertise?
  • Do you want a team of advocates and ambassadors for your business?
  • What about generating an ROI on your networking?
  • Interested?

Complete the enquiry form here and your personal invitation will be emailed to you

Call  01981 540708


You can attend 1 event as a visitor – to attend subsequent events membership is required – full details will be available at the event. Membership is restricted so that only 5% of the total membership is from the same business category. BNSW operates a waiting list for those over subscribed categories.

Events are invitation only


All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.

*Optitude – your attitude to spotting opportunities for you, your business and for your friends, colleagues, clients.

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