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Great discoveries and improvements invariably involve the co-operation of many minds”-

March 8, 2012

The Exeter Business Network event yesterday certainly generated a room full of conversations, connections and opportunities.


Alexander Graham Bell received his first patent for the telephone on 7/3/1876 – his quote above is most apt!


2 seminars – hosted by Q Social Media before lunch and Julian Summerhayes after lunch delivered knowledge to partner the relationships that people built


Over 80 decisions enjoyed THE Networking lunch at Exeter Golf and Country Club


The table hosts did a tremendous job and judging by the comments when asked to undertake the role were delighted to do so!…

It will be the greatest pleasure of my life ! 

It’s a pleasure Sean, yes of course

I am truly honoured to be asked and gleefully accept. Thanks you for this coveted opportunity.
Yes, of course, I’d love to.
You know they always say “Flog a willing Horse! ”  It will, as always, be a pleasure
Well aware that you quote these !!  Honoured to assist such a star of magnitude


Kevin Phillips – our 10 minute speaker – The Performance Improvement Partnership – Pioneering Presentation with Chloe here –  

Julia Bramble –  Business 2012 Announcement

When people do turn up and visit the Google stand, they get a free £100 Google ads voucher!  Julia is happy to co-ordinate transport and she can be contacted on t 0843 6580055  m 07857 559455  e

The members invitation for the event on April 4th will be sent out later. Seminar before lunch  Sneak preview here and seminar after lunch “Why Sales People Fail and what to do about it”

Crealy’s South West Partnership Day

Right-click here to download pictures. To help protect your privacy, Outlook prevented automatic download of this picture from the Internet.


  • Only BNSW Members can offer a Members Deal
  • FREE to use with no upfront costs
  • Acquire New Customers
  • Receive Firm ORDERS
  • Any business can buy a Members Deal
  • You can limit the maximum number of orders
  • You can define the geographical territory covered
  • Increase Brand visibility & awareness
  • Get help formulating your Members Deal from Vouchior
  • Deals available for 1 week & redeemable within 3-6 months


  • FREE to Subscribe
  • FREE £10 Voucher for all Subscribers
  • Receive the Members Deals via Email
  • Receive National & Regional Deals
  • SAVE MONEY with discounts of up to 80%
  • Trusted suppliers ie part of your Network Group
  • Loyalty Rewards offer further FREE £10 Vouchers

If you’d like to be one of the first Business Network SW members to offer a Members Deal then please contact Jeff Bartlett at Vouchior on (07989) 583103 or email him at

Business Network SW Membership Directory Edition 3.

Free listing for all members (Business Name, Web site contact telephone no.) – advertising space available – RATE CARD and Booking/contact details HERE – Publication April/May 2012.  Over 1200 copies will be distributed across the South West.

Can I ask if you would mind recommending The Business Network – you can do it very easily on LinkedIn – thank you in advance!  

“There is a time and a place to go for it.  Never waste a moment.  Pause for nothing and trust your own eye for the best route forward”  Ranulph Fiennes

Thank you for the feedback via Twitter (#BNSW)!

@seanhumby It was a great networking lunch and superb seminar!! Well done, as always 🙂

Thanks to @seanhumby for a friendly welcome to my first #BNSWmeeting today.

Fab #BNSW lunch today, superb advice, great conversation, lots of new people, good food & a couple of leads. Thanks @seanhumby

Thanks to @seanhumby #BNSW #Exeter for the guest invite today. Hope to make Bristol soon – can’t do 21st March, flying back from Geneva!

ChrisChris ‏ @qChrisWood

@seanhumby thanks Sean for promoting seminar so well, really enjoyed it, look forward to doing it again at #Taunton #BNSW, great lunch too

NEXT EVENT 4th April Sandy Park


Need an invitation?

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