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Networking makes the world go round…

March 9, 2012

Networking is a powerful tool. A network of workers, of people and machines make the world we live in go round daily.

Take this example:

(Please excuse the long paragraph but I believe it helps make the point!)

When you drink a cup of coffee think about what it took to bring that coffee to you. For example, if it’s Columbian coffee, first someone in Columbia had to grow the coffee. For that to happen, equipment- all different kinds of equipment- had to be manufactured, sold to a wholesaler, than a retailer, then bought and used. The grower had to do the hard work of harvesting it, which probably took the efforts of many people. Then it was sold to a middleman who shipped it to the UK. That took a bunch of work, and a bunch of people to do the processing and arranging. The aeroplane or ship that transported the beans had to be built by many, many people. For that to happen first the parts had to be designed, built, put together and sold through their own channels of distribution. Once the beans arrived in the UK they were sent to a wholesaler. He or she had to make sure they were properly blended and cared for, then they were send to a coffee/ food broker and from there dispersed to various stores. Those stores had to be built one by one with lots of equipment being manufactured and sold, involving still lots more people. Finally, the store sold you the coffee. Let’s just say you didn’t buy it to take it home and make, but bought a fresh cup of it right there in the shop. First, the shop had to brew the coffee which took a coffee machine. Repeat the entire process about the machine, with all its various parts and elements being independently designed and manufactured, put together and sold through various channels until it finally arrived at the store where you bought the coffee. Of course, it’s being poured into a cup. Repeat the whole long process in making and distributing the cups. You also put some milk in it. Well, let’s see, first the cows had to be bought or birthed, fed and then milked. The milk is put into a crate where it is processed, pasteurized, contained and then shipped to a wholesaler and it goes on and on. If you put other elements in your coffee such as sugar, just imagine all the people in the fileds growing and harvestign the cane and so forth. And te spoon you need to stir it? First the material… and so forth and so on, repeating the same processes over again. All this- and much more that isn’t mentioned- just so YOU can have a cup of coffee in the morning!

Think about that. The whole world is networking with each other so YOU can have a coffee. Networking spans the world- businesses and individuals in contact and working together for the simplest things. Think what it can do for YOU.

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