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Helping you build new Businesses and Relationships

March 19, 2012

This great article was published on prcompanion this month; we need to work on developing our businesses and networking is the way to do it! 

We live in a culture where instant gratification is the norm.  Sometimes we still shop the farmers market for fresh produce, go to the butcher for the perfect cut of meat, and then spend hours in the kitchen preparing a meal—but  more and more often we expect five minutes in the microwave to yield a gourmet dinner.  Similar expectations abound in the business world.

Many groups meet weekly, bimonthly or around a special calendar of events and allow members to announce any new developments or activities going on in their business or professional lives, also some organizations have publications or Web sites that offer even more opportunities to publicize your company’s success story. Think about it—the local groups give business and professional folks a chance to shine in front of active members under ideal networking conditions.

Networking is an essential skill for most business people, the strong association between you as a person and his or her business demands. So you have to develop your resources to help you improve in your networking skills and extend your reach.

Here are a few guidelines to follow when joining an organization that’s designed to help your network in your way into new business and new business relationships.

10 Guidelines:

Guideline 1: Think with yourself – When you concern about doing business with other members, in the same manner others will also concern doing business with you, so be good at your business only then you will get more users.

Guideline 2: Try to attend as many functions as you can. When you’re not able to attend an event in some circumstances, try sending someone from your staff as a substitute, else visit them before day or few hours before the function and convey your regards, this would build a good relationship with your members.

Guideline 3: Go with a door prize at each & every event you attend. Include some promotional products with your logo, as well as a gift certificate, or a discount on your products or services. Include catalogs, brochures or any other materials that help to promote your business or profession.

Guideline 4: If the organization has a newsletter, volunteer to write an article on your area of expertise. Also make copies of the article and send them out with your invoices, or make a flier and let people read them while they are waiting in your office.

Guideline 5: Follow this step and get publicity for free .When an organization has a newsletter, then it’s always looking for news about members. This type of publicity can be priceless especially if it’s followed up by sending copies of the article to your key customers, or anyone you want to do business with you.

Then always remember to send a little note or make a personal call to thank the writer, because only few thank the writer. If you do this you’ll always stand out in the writer’s mind and become a quotable source in future articles.

Guideline 6: Be the first to welcome a new member always.  Do it with sincerity and not with a business card or order pad in hand.

Guideline 7: Donate items such as cocktail napkins and other disposable items imprinted with your logo or company message. When these items are used at organizational events, your message will be inches away from everyone’s eyes, often for hours at a time; in this manner you can increase credit for your company.

Guideline 8: All organizations need to raise funds to meet their financial obligations.  Help out where ever you can, even if it just means returning a call to let an event organizer know you’re not able to participate.

Guideline 9: If you’re unable to provide financial support to the organization over and above the cost of membership, volunteer your services for their fundraising activities and other events. Many organizations have golf outings, luncheons or other activities were able bodies can play an important role.

Guideline 10: Trust is a valuable resource and it can be squandered in one or two careless or selfish acts.  Always be on your best behavior. The goal of joining these organizations is to build relationships that will last a lifetime. When you join the chamber, you’ll meet the cream of the crop in the community–people accustomed to giving much more than they expect to receive in return. Don’t be someone who takes unfair advantage of that generosity; be one of the generous ones.

Follow this lead and you can expect results that quickly turn into new
business and, more importantly, new business relationships. Try it out!

Come along to a Business Network SW event for your chance to try out these tips and networking guidelines to see how they can help you.

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