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Helping a great cause- how networking works!

March 26, 2012

A recent request from one of our members has shown how networking really works!

Courtesy of Chris Roys CEO of The Jessie May Trust, we received a message asking if any members could help them.They are in need of about 4 second hand PCs and asked if we could contact clients who may have some unneeded used PCs they would be willing to donate to charity.

We were more than willing to help, and a message went out to our members with the request…

And the networking snowball started!

We received messages from members who were contacting their clients with the request:

Laura Raschka from BE Offices contacted us to say, ‘A poster has gone up in our communal areas and we will be in touch should anyone come forward.’

Mike Stevenson from The HR Dept told us he was emailing all his clients to help with the need of PCs for the charity.

Thank you to all our members who helped with this request and we hope that the Jessie May Trust reached their goals; Networking- it’s not what you know but who you know!

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