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Putting Words to Work

April 2, 2012

WordPower copywriting and content marketing tips

Only 18% of SMEs recover Pay Per Click Costs

A recent survey revealed that only 18% of SMEs get a financial return from PPC advertising.   This doesn’t mean, however, that PPC is only for larger businesses with big agency budgets. Don’t be disheartened, PPC can deliver results for many smaller businesses if you apply some basic advertising know-how.

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How to Put the Content into Content Marketing

Current marketing trends are all about social media, in­bound marketing and content marketing. Good quality content and, in particular, well-written copy, is the founda­tion for any of this. Follow a few basic steps and see a significant improvement in results.

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Free Blog Post

I will write a blog post for you completely free. Try before you buy—if you don’t like what I do for you there’s nothing to pay. If you like my work and want me to do more, the first one’s on me.

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However you choose to create them, your words can be critical to business success

Spring Clean Your Website

How’s your website looking these days? When did you last give it a really close look?

Unless you launched a new website in the last few weeks, a great deal will probably have changed since it was created.

Successful businesses are dynamic. The way you do things constantly evolves as you rise to new challenges and find new ways to deliver value to your customers.

Sometimes, static websites can get left behind and potential customers might not realise everything you can do for them. So, one low cost but highly effective option might be to review each page of your site and ask whether it really does your business justice. Are there new services to add or is there more to say about how you do business?

If your website needs at­tention but you lack the time, I’d be happy to help. Call me on 01823 674167 or complete the contact form on my website: click here

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