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April 10, 2012

Think carefully before planning Olympic themed Promotions?

The Intellectual Property laws relating to the 2012 Olympics are probably the most restrictive ever in their scope. Even simple messages of support such as “X supports the London Olympics” or “come to our bar and watch the 2012 Games on the big screen” would probably infringe the London Olympic Association Rights.

Whilst the commercial benefits of the Games are widely promoted, ignoring the rules could be very damaging to your business.  For more information visit the Intellectual Property Office website.


Facebook Timeline is coming for Pages, like it or not

When Facebook make changes it always prompts a flood of complaints, so the new Timeline for Facebook Business Pages which goes live on 30th March is likely to attract the same comments, despite the long preview time to allow users to adapt.

However for brands the impact may well be more positive. The website Mashable cited research indicating brands got an average of 46% more engagement with Timeline, a feature that records a “life story” through photos and milestones. For more details visit The Gmanetwork website

To preview Facebook Timeline visit Facebook or visit to see how we have adapted to this new layout.  Please Like us while you are there to receive regular updates and offers.


Game over: Is it the end for bricks and mortar games retailing?

With the news that Game has gone into administration and is shutting hundreds of shops a warning has been issued that game retailers need to change their business model to survive the threat posed by changing shopping habits. Read an interesting analysis in The Guardian


Twitter admits ‘unfollowing bug’

If you have been offended because a friend, customer or supplier stopped following you on Twitter for no apparent reason or you have missed a message because you have mysteriously stopped following someone then it is likely to be a Twitter bug.

Many Twitter users are being affected by a bug which is causing them to ‘unfollow’ fellow tweeters without their permission.   More details in The Telegraph


What could you learn at a free Introduction to Social Media seminar?

Many companies are put off using Social Media because they are not sure how to plan their strategy, how to correctly set up Facebook or Twitter accounts or due to concerns over the time it will take.

But don’t panic, help is at hand! WNW Design are pleased to invite you to join us at a social media seminar at our offices.  The seminar is aimed at those unfamiliar with social media or those who have just taken taking the 1st steps in this area.


For details and booking visit the WNW Design website

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