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Results are in – initial findings- it’s not “neteating” and “netdrinking” – it’s networking!

April 20, 2012

The latest survey results are in- thank you to our members that took the time to fill in our questionnaire– we have benefited from the spell check, thank you!

The results show that the majority of participants joined Business Network SW to build valuable relationships and meet decision makers from businesses that they felt would benefit them.  Similar results to an earlier survey!

96% of our members feel that Business Network SW has met their expectations, with most of them making valuable connections, gaining work and getting an increase on ROI as a result of their membership.

For those who haven’t been able to attend in the last 3 months, 100% of people put it down to restrictions in time, and would be encouraged to attend more events if bigger companies were at the events.

An interesting statistic from the FSB is that 99% of all businesses have between 1 and 49 people in them.  Does bigger business, bigger company mean large number of people, big turnover, large profits or a business with national/international market?  Please let us know your definition and we can look to help

Most responses showed that the majority of participants were extremely happy with the structure and overall outcome of the events. A few results showed that participants would be interested in breakfast and evening events; Business Network SW has been successful as it is the premier lunchtime networking group.

Networking is part of the working day, not as an addition to the working day. At each event there is the opportunity for continued professional development (CPD), marketing your business, generating opportunities for your business all of which are work.  The fact that this is over a relaxed lunch in pleasant surroundings with other people does not mean that it is not work.  Networking events should be treated as any other appointment – fixed- in the diary – part of the schedule and therefore something that needs to be kept.

100% of survey participants have stated that they will be renewing their memberships thanks to the results they have benefited from as a member already.

Thank you for the suggestions for seminar topics- the results show that social media, marketing, public speaking and the economy are popular topics that we will look to add to the programme this year and most definitely in 2013.   Feel free to look for the details of the seminars that are taking place in Business Network SW – it maybe there is one that would benefit you in another area – let us know and we can arrange it for you!


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