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“Simples” to boost your chances in networking and employment

April 20, 2012

A recent article in The Times* (7th April 2012 titled “boost your chances of job-hunt success” – written by Mark Bridge.)

Mark talked about the best investments that can boost your career prospects – what will make you stand out and make you more employable.  Surely the same applies to when you have a job/run a business and need to develop and grow.

Here I will mention the direct correlation to networking!

Smart Dressing – an instant judgement is based upon appearance – careers advisers say that you should dress to a level above the role you are applying for.  In networking you are representing your business – it is Brand You (this link takes you to Julian Summerhayes’s site where there is wealth of knowledge that can really help you understand the value of this – to quote Julian – You are your Brand– is your look in congruence with what benefits your business can bring?  What is the dress code for the event you are attending?

A face that fits – your teeth, hair and general personal hygiene all will have a bearing.  Be considerate about how you will be perceived

A briefcase, document folder or handheld – the scruffy rucksack, mangled Biro, supermarket carrier bag perhaps not ideal.  Saying that I do know someone who attends events carrying a bucket with their papers for the day in.  Certainly memorable and from a conversation it works for them!  Do we  need to carry dcuments or does our handheld device now cover this?

A classic watch – punctuality is vital- a reliable timepiece will mean that you are on time – coupled with sufficient planning on your part – journey time, parking arrangements.  The use of a mobile phone could be awkward with – as in my case – some fumbling!

Technology on the move – maintaining your online profile on  social media – to correspond on the move and keep up to date with general and industry specific news.  Having the latest statistics, top tips and interseting facts will not only be useful to those you meet, they can start a conversation/discussion – all important in developing the relationship.

Current affairs knowledge – be generally well informed as well as up to date on your specific industry sector.  Conversation is important to build relationships.  Bob Burg’s 10 Feel Good questions well worth a look.

I can recommend  The Week – a weekly publication of the worlds media – business, sport, arts, TV, Film, cars,food, culture, the world, the tabloids even desert Island Discs and The Archers!  Get 6 issues for a £1

Good manners – Debretts is a great starting point! Seriously boorish manners are no good.  Treat people as you yourself would like to be treated.  Making people feel welcome, holding doors open, not interrupting, looking to introduce people to others.  The Face to Face section on the Debretts website is great – well worth an individual post

A couple of other aspects that Mark wrote about – technical know how – keeping up to speed with the staple programmes – Microsoft Office and the social media tools.  And finally – languages – a knowledge of another language(s) will only boost your career(business) chances – especially in the developing markets – make sure that your English (your native language)  does not let you down

For the full article 

For more articles to help you get more from your networking…..

*I purchase The Times every Saturday – a very pleasurable way to spend a Saturday!

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