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Guidance on do’s and do not’s for The Jubilee and the other event……

April 26, 2012

With 2 huge events coming up – the Jubilee and the Olympic Games (I checked through the list and didn’t see this combination!)- there has been much debate and discussion as to what is allowed to be used and what is not in terms of words and phrases.

For the Olympic Games – and I am quoting directly from their website

“Using the brand

The value of the London 2012 brand is vital to the funding of the Games.

The Olympic and Paralympic brands are incredibly powerful. They evoke the emotion, excitement and values of the Games.

The London 2012 brand is fundamental to the Games. It is how we identify the Games, how we communicate our ambition, and how we drive excitement and enthusiasm for the Games.

The London 2012 brand is also vital to the funding of the Games and is the London 2012 Organising Committee’s most valuable asset. To ensure we maintain both the emotional and commercial value of the brand, we need to carefully control its use and prevent its unauthorised exploitation.
However, the value of the brand can also be enhanced by enabling appropriate access to it. We are therefore allowing wide use of our brand by schools who join our Get Set network, by community groups that are running Inspire projects, and also through initiatives such as London 2012 Open Weekend.

You can help support London 2012 by understanding and respecting the need to protect the brand, and by not using our brand or otherwise creating an association with the Games unless you are entitled to do so.

Brand protection information

Our frequently asked questions provide an overview of why we must protect the brand, what our legal rights are, and what you may and may not do in relation to our brand.”

The words below are all protected

– The Olympic Symbol
– The Paralympic Symbol
– The London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Emblems
– The London 2012 mascots
– The word ‘London 2012’
– The words ‘Olympic’, ‘Olympiad’, ‘Olympian’ (and their plurals and words very similar to them – eg ‘Olympix’
– The words ‘Paralympic’, ‘Paralympiad’, ‘Paralympian’ and their plurals and words  very similar to them – eg ‘Paralympix’
– The Olympic Motto: ‘Citius Altius Fortius’ / ‘Faster Higher Stronger’
– The Paralympic Motto: ‘Spirit in Motion’
– The Team GB logo
– The ParalympicsGB logo
– The British Olympic Association logo
– The British Paralympic Association logo
– (and various derivatives)
– The London 2012 sports pictograms

On a much more positive note – and that’s the Monarchy for you………..

For the jubilee I found the following – which is some really great news – easy to find, simple to understand and free to use!

Quoted from….

“The rules concerning the use of Diamond Jubilee-related names and titles for non-commercial purposes have been temporarily relaxed. This could cover using the titles for community events, buildings and projects to mark Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee.

For instance, a blanket approval is in place for the use of “Diamond Jubilee” and “Jubilee” for non-commercial purposes (subject to the proviso that building works start or finish in 2012, and events take place in 2012).

For full guidance, including information about the bodies to contact to make an application, download the follow documents:

Guidance for non-commercial use of Diamond Jubilee related names(PDF)

Q and As for non commercial use of Diamond Jubilee related names(PDF)

As well as the relaxed rules on titles, the official Diamond Jubilee emblem is available to use for activities (including commercial ventures) associated with the Diamond Jubilee celebrations”

How serendipitdous that Bristol Business Network member Matt Richardson of Recognition Express who specialise in innovative products, fast turnaround and creative ideas contacted me with some ideas of branded products to get the creative juices flowing!!  Some great ideas! And the best part you can have your logo and brand on them as well!

The official emblem!

10-year-old Katherine Dewar’s design for the Jubilee emblem was chosen after a national competition.

It is free to download and is available for use for all activities associated with the celebrations.

Some items from Matt’s range…………….

Recycled Phone Holders

Pen Set

Pens, Hi-Lighters and Pencil

Yo Yo

Cool Mugs

All mugs can be co branded with your logo

Black and white mugs

Jumbo Paper Clip

Available in red or blue (blue shown)


Wide range of colours available

Mouse Mats

Available in red or blue (red shown)

Puzzle Trays


Pad and pen holder                      


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