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Extra, extra – read all about it! Facebook v Google; Collecting LinkedIn Connection?

May 2, 2012

Nigel Wilkinson of WNW Design’s monthly update of what’s happening online.

Facebook sends us more website visitors than Google.  How could this happen?
For years Google has been the undisputed web marketing Super Power, but things are changing in digital marketing.  Share WNW Design’s own experience of how we increased the numbers of website visitors and pushed Google into 2nd place on our referrers list.   Click here for the full article  

 $1billion for Instagram….who?
So what made Facebook splash out $1 billion in cash for Instagram, a company not two years old, with its 13 employees that has not made any money from its single product, a free photo sharing program launched in October 2010.  It allows users to take a photo, apply a digital filter to it, and then share it on a variety of social networking services, including Instagram’s own. Click here for Instagram’s Wikipedia entry or visit
Are you just collecting LinkedIn connections?
Although LinkedIn’s 150 million members make it one of the world’s most popular social networks, only a third of users check the website every day. In comparison, more than half of Facebook members use the site daily.
But now LinkedIn are on a mission to make it a one stop shop personal assistant, with features such as calendar integration and a focus on LinkedIn’s personalised news feed, which shows what news articles are popular among friends. Click here for the full article
Buy British and avoid the recession!
Experts agree that Buying British would improve the economy and address the balance of payments between imports and exports. But surveys suggest that consumers don’t seem to know what is British any more. A survey by Stoves, the British manufacturer of cookers, found that half of British consumers don’t know which brands still claim to be made in Britain, so how can you Buy British? Click here for the full article  
What could you learn at a free Introduction to Social Media seminar?
Many companies are put off using Social Media because they are not sure how to plan their strategy, how to correctly set up Facebook or Twitter accounts or due to concerns over the time it will take.
But don’t panic, help is at hand! WNW Design are pleased to invite you to join us at a series of social media seminar at our offices.  The seminars are aimed at those unfamiliar with social media or those who have just taken the 1st steps in this area.
For details of how social media can help your business, new dates and booking visit
This updated social media seminar will also cover Facebook advertising, the marketing phenomenon being called the New Gold Rush. Book now at or call us for more information on how you can stake your claim!  
“Thank you, an excellent seminar with lots of useful tips” Huish Business College
“Great social media seminar at WNW Design Limited this morning, really insightful!” SWAMB
Regards  Nigel Wilkinson
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