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From the archives – what to do with your business cards

May 8, 2012

What to do with your Business cards

Top Tips from Simon Leek of Southwest CRM – Exeter Business Network member

It’s amazing the number of business entrepreneurs I speak with at networking events who want more out of networking but continue to do the same, ineffective, thing over and over.  Eventually they leave a network group because of the low level of return when compared with the time invested.

Put the business cards collected in a ‘proper’ database

Entering business cards into a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database ensures that your follow ups are simpler to do and more likely to be actioned.  A CRM system will provide the following service:

  • Create automatic workflows
    Think about a workflow that should take place when entering a business card into a CRM system.  An example here might be to automatically create a follow up call in your diary 7 days after the event.
  • Personalised email handling including your branding.
    Just enter the contact, choose a pre-built email template, add additional comments particular to the contact and click send.  Quick and simple to do.
  • Build multiple ‘target lists’
    For example, create a list called “My Exeter Networking Contacts”, add relevant contacts to the list, set up and schedule a list of emails to be sent at predetermined times (just like this one!).
  • Note taking
    Record every conversation with each contact, the date and time the conversation took place and add a reminder to call them at a future date.  Read back over past conversations to refresh your memory.
  • Categorise contacts into target areas
    Who in your system is in your ‘inner circle’? who is an ‘advocate’? What are their dis/likes?  Are they a detail oriented person or do they like to hear only the headline stuff?  This kind of information can help you tune your sales message to the individual you are addressing.
  • Keep a list of RBO’s (Relationship Building Opportunities) and their potential value.  Add every whiff of an opportunity to your database.  You’ll never forget to follow it up.  It’ll keep you focused on what counts.  BUSINESS

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How to work out if you’re doing the right kind of business

CRM Top Tips

  • Do you want to generate opportunities that will enhance your business?
  • Do you want to build mutually beneficial relationships with other decision makers?
  • Do you want your networking to relaxed and comfortable?
  • How about business seminars that can positively impact your business?
  • Would a huge variety of contacts be useful to your business?
  • Do you want the opportunity to promote your business and expertise?
  • Do you want a team of advocates and ambassadors for your business?
  • What about generating an ROI on your networking?

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