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How Business Network SW events work for you and your business

May 22, 2012

The events take place at top venues across the South West – all with free car parking, easy access, great facilities, superb lunches – all ensuring your networking experience is relaxed and effective.

BristolMercure Holland House Hotel & Spa, The Grand Hotel, Redwood Hotel & CC, Hilton Garden Inn

TauntonSomerset County Cricket Club, The Castle at Taunton, Mount Somerset Hotel

ExeterSandy Park, Exeter Golf & CC, Exeter Racecourse, The Lord Haldon Hotel

At each event you will have the opportunity to meet numerous other senior decision makers from locally based businesses in a relaxed and focused environment. It is a proven way and sustainable way of continuing to develop opportunities for you and your business.

  • You will generate opportunities that will enhance your business
  • You will build mutually beneficial relationships with other decision makers
  • The networking is relaxed and comfortable
  • You will the opportunity to promote your business and expertise
  • You will build a team of advocates and ambassadors for your business
  • You will generate an ROI on your networking

The format for each event

All attendees to the event have a badge with their name, business name and the number for the table where they will sit for lunch. Those highlighted in green are first time visitors to Business Network SW events

You will also be given a copy of the table seating plan – this is in Company Alphabetical order and shows the decision makers attending and which table they will be seated for the lunch along with offers an opportunities contributed by members.

The business seminar before lunch

10.00am – 11.45am – coffee served from 10am – informal networking opportunity. 10.30am.   Business Seminar hosted by Member company

What’s coming up in Bristol, Taunton and Exeter

THE Networking Lunch

11.45am. Arrival for drinks before lunch; an informal free range networking session, you have a choice of wine, fruit juice or water. You will be introduced to other members during this time.  Feel free to view this time lapse video of the pre lunch informal networking. 

12.30pm. Sit down for 2 course served lunch (bread rolls, main course and dessert with coffee) and formal networking at your table – you will sit on a table with 7 or 8 other decision makers – none of whom do what you do – a table host will ensure that each person get at least 3 minutes to introduce themselves and their business and the benefits that it brings to others.

During the lunch each decision maker at your table will have 3 minutes to explain to the others the benefits that you and your organisation can offer; the type of business that you are looking for and also how other businesses can help you. Be memorable so that other people will be able to remember and refer.

3 minute presentation tips

  • Introduce yourself an your company/organisation
  • Outline what you do – the benefits that you bring to your customers/clients 
  • What’s new in your world? What’s novel? How will people remember you?
  • What type of customers/clients are you looking to build relationships with?
  • How could the people around the table help you or your customers/contacts? What are you looking to purchase, what challenges do you have (also think about this from the perspective of your clients) 
  • Can you refer the people around the table to others that you know?
  • Lunch will be served during the presentations so you will have to eat and listen and talk rather than eat!

“You can everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want”Zig Ziglar  

There will opportunity to ask further questions when everyone has completed their 3 minutes.

1.30pm – table to table networking. Your opportunity to go and talk to someone else in the room (the seating plan will help you locate them), continue your conversation or start a new one with someone else on your table. As a member at subsequent events you will be sat with different people

1.40 Speaker – members opportunity to beinformative, enlightening, even entertaining!

2.00pm Lunch finishes – you can still continue to network with the others in the room, maybe set up a follow up meeting, gather information from the literature table. A great time to make those appointments and even continue your discussions in the venue’s facilities.

Feel free to visit the huge archive of networking articles that can help get the most from any networking that you do

Never been to an event – get your personal invitation here


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