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Networking does build business….

May 23, 2012


Networking is about meeting new people, and building interpersonal relationships. I’m not talking about social networking, or networking online, but networking face-to-face. Shocked? Well we believe the best relationships are those made in person where you can really smile and chat not ☺ or text language, but where people can really get to know you and your business.

Building effective relationships in and outside of the workplace is a great skill for professionals and building their success. The skills needed to succeed in networking are not as easy and simple as you might think; it actually has a lot to do with your personality and socializing in the proper way. By developing and nurturing a strong network of personal contacts, individuals can be more effective in their career progression.

Which style do you relate to out of the four networking styles?

– The Loner doesn’t like to interact with others, but prefers to get their information in books and on the Internet.

– The Socialiser is a fun and outgoing person who looks to socialise, but isn’t motivated to build contacts to further their career.

– The User sees people as contacts, not relationships, which cause them to talk more about themselves (selling themselves), and doesn’t listen to others.

– The Builder (the most favourable style) develops effective contacts and over time actively engages them, building a friendship.

Other studies point out seven skills that are imperative for effective networking that closely relate to the Builder and it’s traits: personality, strategising ability, organisation, communication, nurturing ability, social involvement and persistence.

Do you have any of these skills? If so, do you think you use them well and possibly are the best at using them at your business? If so, why not research the networking events and functions in and around your area and put your hot networking skills to the test.

The secret to networking success is being interested, and sharing something personal about yourself. This mutual exchange of knowledge can turn into a mentor relationship where support, help, advice, favours, referrals and other benefits are given. Statistics reveal that only one in ten people are comfortable in striking up a relationship with a complete stranger.

Some steps you can take to improve and develop your networking skills include:

– Learn about your networking style

– Map out relevant contacts

– Invest and make a good impression

– Build relationships

– Nurture contacts and continue connecting with others

– Be persistent at develop network skills and habits

One last bit of inspirational advice to get you going… networking and forming relationships benefit your career, not only to have stronger influence power, but to keep those relationships and build them into networks that you may be able to use later in your career

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