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The Olympic Torch Relay in Ross

May 25, 2012

Almost 30 years to the day I visited Olympia and saw the site where the torch is lit – I even ran around – or should I say up the ‘original’ Olympic track – in fact on the same trip I ran around the track at Olympic stadium in Athens.

What an opportunity to see the torch in my ‘local’ town – Ross on Wye

I have never seen the town fill up so quickly – 5 and 6 deep on the streets, a multitude of visi-jackets, miles and mile of bunting, Union Jacks, people hanging out of windows, helicopters and the most staggering aspect the sheer number of vehicles.

I had been told about this and decided that I would try and take a photo of each vehicle as it passed me – you’ll even see the Olympic Torch

I tweeted throughout – something for posterity and was amazed when one of the tweets was picked up by the BBC

Here it goes…I missed bus number 1

Bus number 2!

Having just looked through the number of vehicles – I counted 75 – bicycles, motorcycles, sponsors vehicles and more police vehicles than I’ve seen since Blues Brothers!

For the full photo show visit Face Book – easier to upload!

The key ones are here though…………..

Corporate sponsor car 1 – did I miss the logo?!

Police car number 1 – all the police joined in – sirens, horns, waves and banter – brilliant

police bike number – plenty of noise!

Amey Bunting Positioning Bike Number 1

The torch is close!

Oh a police bike first….

Perhaps a corporate bus then the torch….

Last of corporate buses…

Police “Outrunners” – Torch soooooooooooooooon!

The Olympic Torch!

And again – a once in a lifetime opportunity!

The Torch leaving Ross on Wye on way to Monmouth

All I can say is that it was a great experience – luaghter, singing and a real sense of community – here’s to the Jubilee!

All the photos are here!

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