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Hints on Conversation – part two

May 30, 2012

Continuing on from Part One

From Enquire Within

  • If you feel your intellectual superiority to anyone with whom you are conversing, do not seek to bear him down; it would be an inglorious triumph and a breach of good manners.
  • Beware of speaking light of subjects which bear a sacred character
  • It is a common idea that the art of writing and conversation are one; this is a great mistake.  A man of genius may be a very dull talker
  • The two grand modes of making your conversation interesting, are to enliven it by recitals calculated to affect and impress your hearers and to intersperse it with anecdotes and smart things.  Count Antoine Rivarol (1757 – 1801) was a master in the latter mode

The Art of being Agreeable coming next…..

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