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“Knowledge speaks but wisdom listens” – from the Bristol Business Network event

June 22, 2012

“Knowledge speaks but wisdom listens….”   Jimi Hendrix

From the Bristol event on Wednesday 20th June there was a huge amount of wisdom!

“Some men have thousands of reasons why they cannot do what they want to, when all they need is one reason why they can” – Willis Whitney

The event began with a “Master Mind” session brilliantly facilitated hosted by Jill Green of Focus Forum

Some tremendous Top Tips came out of the session

Wisdom from participants at the Business Network SW –  Bristol Seminar   June 2012

  1. When writing or sending information to prospects,  say  in the letter that you will phone within a specified time frame to check that the information has been received, answer questions etc.  This helps you by making you accountable to the follow up process, lets the prospect know to expect your call, and is more likely to get you past any gate keeper.
  2. Build on your strengths.
  3. Be clear about what you offer, and offer what you are good at!
  4. Time management:  If you are struggling to get things done, set a timer for 30 mins, and challenge yourself to get something done/started/finished in that time.  It’s amazing what you can do in 30 minutes.
  5. Have targets.  Be clear about WHY you are doing something.  Review and assess the results so you learn and grow.
  6. Build strategic partnerships.
  7. COST is a function of the VALUE that you deliver, not the price you charge.
  8. Continue to evaluate how you best add value to your  business, by working to your  strengths  whilst achieving your life goals.
  9. Keep a gratitude journal.  At the end of each day, take time to think about and record 3 things for which you are grateful….  Whether it is a massive  new contract, doing 10 minutes of filing that you have been putting off, a kindly word or a blackbird’s song….   huge, tiny, spiritual, factual, giving, receiving… it’s whatever matters to you!  Call your journal  what you want..  “Happiness Log”, “What’s Better Book”,  “ Good Things” are a few examples.  Don’t get so caught up in “doing” that you forget to smell the roses!
  10. Never be afraid to ask for help!
 Many thanks to all the participants for sharing their experiences and questions, for listening and for contributing to this Top Ten list.
“Knowledge speaks but wisdom listens….”   Jimi Hendrix

The Bristol Business Network  event had a great buzz, much conversation and numerous opportunities being created.  So much conversation in fact that the 10 minute ‘table to table’ networking was missed – my apologies!

Among those who attended

amb consultants,
Appleton Fox Wealth Management Ltd,
BPI OnDemand Ltd,
CELB Ltd t/a Shred-it M4 Corridor,
Clifton College,
Digital Office Equipment Ltd,
Evelyn Mae Interiors,
Everything Excel,
Focus Forum,
GWS Media Ltd,
Hilton Garden Inn Bristol,
Mark Leveridge Magic,
Open Network Associates Ltd,
Peter Quintana & Associates,
Phil Yarrow Consulting Ltd,
Polyglot Coaching
Recognition Express,
Red Recruitment,
Sales Outsourcing Specialists,
Scan Film or Store Ltd,
Shore Business Services,
Somerset Life,
The Avon Gorge Hotel,
The Best Of Bristol Ltd,
The HR Dept (Bristol) Ltd,
The Jessie May Trust,

Thank you to Martin Boulton of PYC  – Expert Guides available here – an informative 10 minutes on the importance and value in SEO

The Jessie May Trust – Briz on the Ball 

Charity Football Match – top stars and footballers playing to raise money for The Jessie May Trust on 29th July 2012

Clifton College Events – Son et Lumiere – 6/7/2012

Sales Outsourcing Specialists

Make Your Sales Calls Really Pay – half day course Wednesday 27th June – 9.30 – 1.30. Includes follow up – 1 hour 1-2-1 telephone coaching

Price per delegate £89 – with BNSW Discount £59

To book Tel: 0117 965 2189  Mob: 07866 762 725


Businesses not currently represented….

Lawyers, Food/drink businesses (producers, retailers), florists, photographers, manufacturing, logistics/courier, hire, utilities, consumer goods, restaurants, hair dressers/barbers; landscape/gardening/horticulture, interior design, architects, cleaning contractors domestic & commercial, building supplies, travel agents/consultants, butchers, bakers and candle stick makers and someone called Joe Bloggs!- to name a few!

NEXT EVENT 11th July – seminar before lunch – Business Networking and Sex

Business Network SW  provides decision makers from businesses in the South West the opportunity to develop and enhance mutually beneficial relationships
 Do you want to generate opportunities that will enhance your business?
Do you want to build mutually beneficial relationships with other decision makers?
Do you want your networking to relaxed and comfortable?
How about business seminars that can positively impact your business?
Would a huge variety of contacts be useful to your business?
Do you want the opportunity to promote your business and expertise?
Do you want a team of advocates and ambassadors for your business?


Complete the enquiry form here and your personal invitation will be emailed to you

Call 01600 891584


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