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Successful People are Morning People – Collective Wisdom says…….

June 25, 2012

From an article originally posted on LinkedIn – a discussion in

Nigel Botterill’s Entrepreneur’s Circle

Don’t wait until the end of the day to do meaningful but not urgent things like exercise, think how to grow…

Successful people are morning people

Author Laura Vanderkam reveals how highly successful people put their pre-breakfast hours to use and explains how you can be more like them.

One of the comments suggested pulling the wisdom together so here it is – thank you all!

Nigel Botterill

Nigel Botterill • It depends on what time of day works best for you. Mornings are definitely my best time.

Lizz Riley

Lizz Riley • I’m definitely a night owl. I keep meaning to have an early night but by 10pm I’m on form and keep going for a good few hours after. Getting up before 7am – I’d rather stick pins in my eyes!

Jackie Braddock

Jackie Braddock • Mornings are always better for me – Also attend breakfast morning meetings so normally up at 5/6 ish most days

Ali Burden-Blake

Ali Burden-Blake • I have become a night owl, working early mornings are just not an option when my daughter is up at 6am, I work On my business best when the distractions of the day have gone to bed and my thinking seems to really ramp up after dinner. It obviously becomes a late cycle because going to bed late means I’m less likely to be on top form in the morning, but it works for me right now.

Cathy Towers

Cathy Towers • I am trying hard to re-train my night-owl tendencies as I do know that I feel so good when I do get up and do an hour’s work before the world wakes! Sets me up for the day, feeling positive about what I have done. I think it is beginning to change my mindset ( or change my set mind….).

I like what she said in the article about if it has to happen, make sure it happens first.

Mike Gardner - Helping SMEs train their staff

Mike Gardner – Helping SMEs train their staff • We have to make our best time of day work for us, some people are owls some are learks but in between you also have nightingales, those whose best time of day is the few hours usually between 11 and 3pm,

Sarah Gathercole

Sarah Gathercole • I’m not sure what I’d be classed as – I’m neither an early morning or a late night person. My drive to get things done kicks in about 4pm and I can happily work through until about 9pm. I think it’s because I’ve always been a 9-5er and sub-consciously as I get towards the end of the working day I think I can do the things I want to do rather than the things my customers expect me to be doing. This also applies to weekends when I feel free to do all the ‘on the business’ stuff. I guess there’s an issue here about who’s driving my business but I’m getting better at my time and task management.

Ras Limbachia

Ras Limbachia • Yes, I am an early person. Morning time is my most productivity time both at work and home.

Elizabeth Ward

Elizabeth Ward • It is all about organisation and what other distrations there are – not about timing. When I’m focused and clear and in the zone it works.

Gillian Buchanan

Gillian Buchanan • Those early morning hours are good for me. A couple of hours on marketing and then I do my workout for the day. I’m a great believer in working in short bursts where your concentration is high. Having little breaks inbetween is like a mini-recharge for the next surge!

Cathy Towers

Cathy Towers • Yes, Gillian, I find short bursts are great to zizz up motivation.
I work with therapists building their practice and to those who cannot get started, or don’t know where to start so procrastinate:
Write all the jobs (A and B only) on pieces of paper, shake them up, then pick one. Set an alarm for 20 mins or half an hour to do it in. Some people find it very helpful, as it is a small commitment but the positive feeling at getting started makes you want to pick another one. That’s my tip for the day!

Sean Humby

Sean Humby • Brilliant – thank you for all the great comments! The use of mini breaks, A&B times, a work out, the various types of birds, rewarding yourself, working in short bursts, being organised – I feel that there could be a top 10 here!

Cathy Towers

Cathy Towers • Great – we look forward to your blog! 🙂

Nigel Carr

Nigel Carr • I now have what my staff refer to as ‘Nigel’s quiet time’, 1 1/2 hours in the morning to get the day going in peace. This morning was focused on Google PPC and a new mail out. They know not to disturb me and the door is shut!

Arash Mazinani

Arash Mazinani • I’d definitely say I’m a morning person, I like to get up early as I feel fresher in the morning. Especially in summer when it’s light, in winter It is a little harder to get up.

Angus Grady ✩Customeyes Research 01442 876 038

Angus Grady ✩Customeyes Research  • Mornings are my best time for work but not for looks…

Adam Cliff

Adam Cliff • It varies for me as I’ve never been your typical nine to fiver (comes with the nature of my work). Personally speaking, every day is different, so it’s all about making the most of the time that your mind and body is “in the zone” so to speak.

Steve Ashton

Steve Ashton • All the above show what a bunch of diverse individuals we are !! My last business launch was 14 hour days, not because of dis-organisation, I operated across every timezone so 8am to speak to Asia, still going at 9pm in California. If I’m writing sales proposals, early morning is best, if it is marketing then the best ideas occur in the evening. Frequent breaks give me ‘thinking time’ which makes the time of day irrelevent. Each to their own and the demands of your business.

Samantha Hay

Samantha Hay • Morning time is definitely the best time for me! However I am a bit of a gym freak so try to get there extra early at about 6am workout then head to the office. Hard going when i have a 20 month old daughter. I am usually ready to collapse about 9pm every evening!

Thank you all for the great comments – collective wisdom wins!

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