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Alert – Take Care with the jargon and techy stuff – Some top tips for networking courtesy of Nick Hill

July 6, 2012

Accountants – Improve Your Business Networking Skills

I was at a networking event yesterday, an event that I attended for the first time, I knew nobody.

I am in the communication skills and show coaching business and as a part of my personal ‘pre-event routine ‘ I went through a planning phase of working out ‘what I’d say ‘ when questioned what I do by other networkers in the room. My goal? To deliver a clear concise message so those I talk with FULLY UNDERSTAND what I do to help people succeed. As I entered into the room I began to talk with various people present and making connections.

Beware Jargon and Techy Blurb

After a short while I was approached by a person who when we received talking, explained that he was an accountant. Now, I have met quite a few accountants with varying levels of communication skills at networking events and I understand now that there are ‘different types of accountants ‘ and services offered by accountant so for me to understand ‘what type ‘ of accountant I was dealing with I asked the query, “What sort of work are you doing for your clients?”


The answer that followed enabled a person , like me, in the communication skills business, to ask if my experience in understanding a person’s communication skills was up to the task! He responded, “We cope with stuff like non-operating earnings, cost accounting, general ledger, accrual accounting? I was lost, instantly. As I stared blankly, searching for internal meaning of the communication so I could understand it, I began to realise that the only one who know what this all meant was the accountant himself. Honestly, I was non the wiser and I marvelled whether any other person who that person spoke to that evening would have gone away from that conversation fully understanding ‘what he does ‘?

Next Question

“What does that mean?” I asked stupidly. The reply again was littered with technical terms, industry speak, I turned off.

Keep It Simplistic

So what happened? From my point of view, the key ‘error of judgement ‘ made by the person revolved around the following:

– A presumption that I understood the ‘jargon ‘ connected with the accountancy sector
– An inability to convert jargon to easy to comprehend terms
– A failing to ‘spot ‘ that I didn’t understand the communication

It isn’t just accountants communication skills

To be honest, I bet you also have seen and been told of this situation, not just with accountants. However It, SEO, even some marketeers and their strategies and systems and so jargon laden that how most likely can the source of the communication actually guarantee that their message is absolutely understood by the audience, prospects and clients. So. IT folks, SEO types and accountants (and any other person) guarantee your communication skills are up to standard! Make your business simple to understand so we, the non-technical folks, can communicate successfully with you. Focus on what emotions your service provides, i.e what happens to me when I have had your services. If you have got a burglar alarm at home, you haven’t bought the pad on the wall or the box on the exterior of the property, you have acquired the ‘peace of mind ‘ and security? That if an individual tries to enter your property then they’re discouraged.

In order for accountants to improve their communication skills at networking events and conferences, focus on the fact that you too offer peace of mind, security and offer clients confidence that an expert is in command of their finances. Now that I DO UNDERSTAND!

Nick Hill used to be scared of speaking in public, until he knew what he knows now about changing your behaviour to ‘achieve bigger ‘ results.Having embarked on a journey of coaching advanced communication methodologies, so mandatory for accomplishment in many business areas like sales, coaching, presenting and management of people, Nick developed the Mr Presenter brand to offer only the best standard of sales and presentation training to business professionals looking to gain ‘excellence ‘ in what they do.For some more info on how you could improve your sales and show talents, visit our website thru this link: Communication Skills Coaching

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