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Look who’s attending – Bristol Business Network 8/8/12

July 11, 2012

Among those that have booked for this “olympian” business networking event

Grant McCall, AMD Solicitors,
Nick Fox, Appleton Fox Wealth Management Ltd,
Alan Webb, Co-operative Employee Benefits,
Jeremy Field, Docmail Local Post,
Joe Broadway,
Richard Graves, GWS Media Ltd,
Anna Cussen, Hilton Garden Inn Bristol,
Emma Ryder, if only….ltd,
Mark Leveridge, Mark Leveridge Magic,
Nigel Peeck, N3 Display Graphics Ltd,
Roy Adair, Open Network Associates Ltd,
Angela Jones, Perception Consulting Services Ltd,
Peter Quintana, Peter Quintana & Associates,
Martin Boulton, Phil Yarrow Consulting Ltd,
Inge Dowden, Polyglot Coaching,
Matt Richardson, Recognition Express,
Jo Grant, Red Recruitment Partnership Ltd,
Roger Moore, Roger Moore & Associates,
Karen Dunne-Squire, Sales Outsourcing Specialists,
John Shore, Shore Business Services,
Neil Kinnerly, The Best Of Bristol Ltd,
Mike Stevenson, The HR Dept (Bristol) Ltd,
Duncan Laker, Welcome Telecom Ltd,

 taekwondo, handball, equestrian jumping, sailing, freestyle wrestling, volleyball, BMX cycling, water polo, diving, beach volleyball all taking place at the Olympics 

It’s also the date for Bristol Business Network’s August event!

Can you answer yes to any of the following……

  • Do you want to generate opportunities that will enhance your business?
  • Do you want to build mutually beneficial relationships with other decision makers?
  • Do you want your networking to relaxed and comfortable?
  • How about business seminars that can positively impact your business?
  • Would a huge variety of contacts be useful to your business?
  • Do you want the opportunity to promote your business and expertise?
  • Do you want a team of advocates and ambassadors for your business?
  • What about generating an ROI on your networking?

Then there are numerous opportunities for you and your business

Seminar before lunch – is all about you, your health and success –  as Covey says “sharpen the saw”

Followed by THE Networking Lunch – relaxed and structured networking to generate the best opportunities for you and YOUR Business

Full Details for the event

Date Wednesday August 8th 2012

Venue – Brook Redwood Hotel & CC, Beggar Bush Lane, Failand, Bristol


Coffee from 10am and seminar starts at 10.30am.  Hosted by Jeremy Townsend

The Bad News

Statistics tell us that there are 18 million people in the UK with high blood pressure and that approximately 1 in 5 people come off their medication because it does not work.   Now that is very worrying !

There are 53 million prescriptions issued annually for statins and the number is scheduled to increase.   Statins have well documented side effects.

3 million people suffer from Type 2 Diabetes and it is estimated that there are another 6 million as yet undiagnosed.   Diabetes care accounts for over 10% of the total NHS budget and over 100 people every day have a limb or limbs amputated due to lack of circulation.

Every day, supposedly fit and healthy people including athletes, collapse with heart related problems.

The Good News

There is now available in the UK a clinically validated, side effect free, natural formula which has been proven to optimise blood flow to all the body’s organs and the circulation of oxygen to all the body’s tissues.

Prior to my presentation I would recommend a visit to the following two websites.   Here you will be able to learn of the awarding of the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1998 to Dr. Louis Ignarro and gain an understanding of the role that nitric oxide plays in the body and how its activity can be enhanced by the amino acid, L-Arginine.   In particular go to HDHÍ Study, located the extraordinary results of Dr. Arunasalam’s intensive clinical study and listen to Angelo Cici’s remarkable personal story.   There are a number of short and very instructive videos under Health Concerns and Athletic Performance.

The presentation on the 8th August at the Redwood Hotel will be for all

  1. who are concerned to maintain the best possible quality of life,
  2. have circulation related health challenges,
  3. who have family and friends with the same problems or who have history of heart disease
  4. who are past and present athletes/participate in sport/enjoy physical activity.

Do come and learn about this most important natural health breakthrough and help spread the word as there are just so very many people who need to know of the availability of the formula.

THE Networking Lunch

Pre lunch drinks and informal networking over drinks from 11.45am, sit down for served 2 course lunch at 12.30pm. Structured networking around your table with other decision makers.

How the event will give you numerous opportunities

Cost of event – seminar, coffee, pre lunch drinks – including wine, 2 course served lunch with coffee, numerous decision makers, delegate list – £30.00 Inc VAT. Dietary requirements catered for. Free car parking.

Speaker – Inge Dowden – Polyglot Coaching

Event finishes at 2pm


Complete the enquiry form here and your personal invitation will be emailed to you

Call 01600 891584

Why attend? 
The results of a recent survey show that the majority of participants joined Business Network SW to build valuable relationships and meet decision makers from businesses that they felt would benefit them.
96% of members feel that Business Network SW has met their expectations, with most of them making valuable connections, gaining work and getting an increase on ROI 
You can attend 1 event as a visitor – to attend subsequent events membership is required – full details will be available at the event. Membership is restricted so that only 5% of the total membership is from the same business category. BNSW operates a waiting list for those over subscribed categories.

Events are invitation only

What about bringing a guest – Businesses not currently represented in Bristol

Lawyers, Food/drink businesses (producers, retailers), florists, photographers, manufacturing, logistics/courier, hire, utilities, consumer goods, restaurants, hair dressers/barbers; landscape/gardening/horticulture, interior design, architects, cleaning contractors domestic & commercial, building supplies, travel agents/consultants, virtual PA, car dealers, chocolatiers, health and beauty, property developers, property management, estate agents  – to name a few!

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