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Principles of hospitality – surely something all businesses should have

July 18, 2012

During a clear out of an old filing cabinet I came across the following post card

Postcard given to all staff

This was something that all staff were given as part of their induction in Marriott – not just given the card but as part of induction training – carried out by the Hotel in general and also in each department.  The training looking back was thorough and regular – there were Certified New Hire trainers in each department  – members of staff – not just the Head of Department (HOD) who had been on designated training courses that showed them how to best train the new staff -each new members of staff was given their own work book that they worked through during their 1st 3 months – on the job training, sessions with their CNHT, HR, H&S.

This was  supplemented by over 30 hours of ‘Customer service training’ – how to WOW the customers.  The journey for this began with the hotel Exec team (senior managers) spending 5 days at Ashridge developing their plan based on the key elements of the programme, the training was then delivered by Hotel – that’s another story – cascading, stump speeches, 12 cylinder models, CFP’s et al!

On the reverse of the card

What to do if things do go wrong!


Something that we can all learn from!

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