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Comment was called out! On Forbes!

July 25, 2012


Called-Out Comment Alert

Why Companies Waste 71% of Internet Leads

What a great article! Certainly common sense but not common practise and the simple fact “if someone has completed an enquiry form then they are probably on their PC and by their phone” is so simple it’s genius! This is where the SME’s can really WOW their potential/existing customers with great personal service. The immediacy really works where people are contacting you through other means – Twitter, LinkedIn, FAce Book et al. Would be interested to see stats on immediacy of response through email and whether it is the fact that it is people talking/engaging real time that is the real difference. ”

And the response

Sean, thank you. We have done a little research in email, and the effect is definitely there, but not as pronounced as immediate web response. We have asked several email companies to join us in the research over the years. But no solid partners have taken up the offer yet, and we at have been so busy we haven’t pursued it to strongly. Other fish to fry.

An interesting discussion – follow here

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