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Sleeping on the job – prevention is better than cure

August 3, 2012

‘Sleeping on the job’ tells a story about how two binmen were caught catching 40 winks while on duty and the actions that followed when the employer received photographs!

Have you ever seen someone in public who should have been working or wearing company uniform doing something they shouldn’t have? If you did, would you report this to their employer?
Well that is exactly what happened when a local business man snapped not one but two workers catching 40 winks when they should have been emptying Birmingham’s dustbins? The photographs were sent in to the employer, Birmingham City Council, who then took swift action to dismiss the workers.

Nowadays, it is worthwhile remembering that the world is a very small place thanks to the internet, social media, camera phones etc. Keeping the travel mugs topped up with coffee might have been a better idea than parking their boots on the dashboard and dozing off.

Bear in mind as well, falling asleep in the workplace can be a hazard



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