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Extend your life by not sitting down all day

August 6, 2012

Extend your life by not sitting down all day

A recent report published by the British Medical Journal claims that you can extend your life simply by not sitting down for hours on end. If you’re a busy office worker, tied to your desk for the best part of the working day why not try a height adjustable desk. You can use it as a normal desk and at the flick of a switch you can raise the desk to enable you to work from a standing position. Read More…
Keep moving even when you’re sat down

From birth on we are programmed for movement; we need movement for healthy development and a healthy life. Unfortunately our modern daily life demands hours of sitting. Read More…

Backworld is a South West based ergonomic seating specialist, providing high-quality office and home seating, as well as certified DSE Assessments.

Backworld offers ergonomic chairs, height adjustable desks and specialist cushion supports that bring comfortable and healthy sitting to your office, home or when travelling by car or train. For the best variety of ergonomic furniture for healthy sitting at home or work in Exeter, come in to our showroom or browse our products online.  Please note that we not sell our products online as we passionately believe that to get the right chair etc.,  it is essential that we have an initial consultation face to face with you so that we can discuss your individual needs and make you aware of our recommendations and the various options available.
This month we’re giving away free Zerostress footstools worth over £300, giving you advice about how to extend your life and introducing a chair that helps you to keep moving.

We’re offering a free Zerostress footstool worth over £300 when you purchase any Zerostress chair from us until 30 September. Check out our Zerostress recliners here.
If you’re interested in knowing more about our chairs please contact us on 01392 202012 to arrange an appointment – we cover the whole of the South West from our offices in Exeter and Bristol.

Alternatively drop into our showroom in Exeter showroom Monday to Friday.

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