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Snuffling by the pool – new EU Ruling

August 13, 2012

Preventing People Problems Blog  – courtesy of The HR Dept

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Following a recent EU ruling, employees will now be entitled to further time off if they are ill while on holiday. But how do they prove it? Could we see the start of ‘holiday sickies’ with employees sat by the pool with a box of tissues?

Holiday sickies

A lot has been made of recent European rulings that declare employees must have time off again if they are sick during their holiday. Naturally as employers we immediately imagine our employees with a box of tissues in hand, lying on a sun bed and pulling a sickie. The ruling came about because the law says people need a break from work for their health and wellbeing but in these days of austerity how many are actually getting a proper break? Many parents take alternate weeks off during the school holidays and end up trying to catch up on all the jobs at home; hardly the way to energise yourself for work……………………………..

See this week’s Preventing People Problems blog to find out more:

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