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Use Hootsuite and control what you post where – courtesy of Q Social Media

August 22, 2012

From Q Social Media’s recent Newsletter

Top Tips:1) Use Hootsuiteideal for when using more than one social media platform – post messages to more than one platform, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn. You can choose whether to post to 1, 2 or 3 platforms. You can even add more than one account from the same platform, for example if you had 2 Twitter profiles.2) Control What You Post Where – again using Hootsuite is a great way to control what you post and where it goes rather than automating it all. LinkedIn announced recently you can no longer automate tweets across to personal profiles on LinkedIn, which we think is a good thing. Twitter is more conversational based and so you can otherwise end up with mid-conversation tweets on your LinkedIn profile, which won’t make much sense to those viewing it. LinkedIn have now stopped this, however you can still use Hootsuite to send key messages to both Twitter and LinkedIn by choosing them when applicable.

We would also advise against automating tweets across to Facebook as you can end up bombarding your fan base and turn them off. Posts from a Facebook Page go into a fan’s personal news feed, the same area they receive friends and family updates, so best not to overbombard here and again use Hootsuite to control what you send.

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  1. I am looking forward to use Q social Media plugins for my future projects. It will surely going to help me. Many thanks to you for letting us know about it!

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