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“de-frustrate” journalists – top tip from Ascent PR

August 27, 2012

Most PR people think they are being conscientious by following up press releases they send to journalists. Clumsy would be a better description.

Here is what one journalist said. “My inbox is completely clogged up with boring press releases, most of which aren’t even relevant to my readership and then the phone rings. It’s a PR person wanting to know if I’m interested in a press release he sent me a few days ago. How do you think I am going to react?!”

There is another way. Pitch your idea to the journalist BEFORE you send the press release. Tell him/her you are offering them a chance to review your story in advance of general distribution.  You’ll get a very different reaction.

Ascent PR is part of the Berkeley Communications Group

A message from Sara Lewis – Managing Director, Ascent PR

“You may be a growing, ambitious business but are you getting the recognition you deserve? History is littered with countless examples of entrepreneurs who have grown their businesses through constant exposure in the press. But not everyone is in that mindset.

We find that SMEs and owner-managed businesses suffer the most when it comes to winning press coverage. They simply don’t have the resources or the know-how to make it happen.

Welcome to Ascent PR. We specialise in helping dynamic, entrepreneurial businesses reach a wider audience through creative PR. Whether your target audience includes businesses, consumers, or both, we are a proven partner.

Our clients regularly feature in national newspapers, trade and consumer magazines, television and radio”

BerkeleyPR Quote of the month “I enjoy being the centre of attention” – Usain Bolt

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